9.23.2020 | New Review Wednesday | Lion Claw from Arcanna Cannabis Flowers

Welcome back to the red bench – it’s New Review Wednesday! This is one of the highlights of my week, so let’s get into this.

We broke some new territory this week…

First off, I smoked a type of cannabis I’d never tried before in 38 years of pot smoking – a Ruderalis hybrid. What is Ruderalis, you ask? Well, I have all that information for you in the written review!

Second, we have a slightly new format for the written review. Up to this point I’ve been doing a transcript of the video review each week, but this week everything was running late and the transcript didn’t get done in time, so I had to write up a fresh review instead.

Well, I liked the way the review turned out and so did Tania – what do you think? Do you prefer the transcript or would you like a written review like I did this week?

The Review Process

Today’s video review is our fifteenth cannabis review since the end of June! Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions, feedback, input and constructive criticism. All of that helps us make our reviews better.

How I Choose Which Products To Review

There are so many items out there on the market these days that it can boggle the mind, and it would annihilate my herb budget if I tried everything I wanted to. We purchase most of the cannabis I review, and I would have to win the Lotto before I can head down that road… so I research extensively before I decide. I have several criteria for choosing products to review and here they are:

My first criteria – is it a well-known strain or brand? Is it widely available? Do they have a good website?

It doesn’t help my viewers if I review obscure brands and strains they can’t find, so I mostly stick to popular brands and strains that people have heard of, or like today, a new strain that people will want to pay attention to! Arcanna Cannabis Flowers is an up-and-coming brand that deserves attention and is available across California. The fact that Arcanna has a nice website helped my decision to review their products as well.

My second criteria – will this be a new experience for me?

Even though I’ve smoked hundreds of strains, every brand’s strain we’ve reviewed so far has been a first for me. Even if I’ve had the strain before, each batch of herb by a different brand is a new experience – so what you’re seeing on the video are my first reactions – the video review is a completely spontaneous experience and the herb I try on camera is an herb I’m trying for the first time, in that very moment!

My third criteria – do I want to smoke this strain?

All the herb we review gets processed through my body so I have to be a human guinea pig of sorts – and I have to want to smoke it. Of course, I’ve met very few cannabis strains I haven’t liked over the years, so that leaves a lot of cannabis to choose from.

Final notes

After I’ve run my shopping choices through my list of criteria, I still have one last thing I think about before I put an herb on my list: is it affordable, relative to the price of other herbs? I can’t afford super high-end herb. One brand I reviewed just had a big jump in price, up to $70 an eighth – “ouch,” says my wallet! That moved the brand out of my price range.

Of course, these criteria are just guidelines and sometimes I’ve just got to pick up something unusual because it catches my imagination, like the GMO Cookies review. That one I choose simply because it had 33% THC! Oh my, I had to see what that was like…

Have a great day. I hope your pipe is full of delightful herb and your head is in a pleasant place. Until tomorrow, best of health.

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