8.26.2020 | New Review Wednesday | Mendo Breath

New Review Wednesday

Welcome back to the red bench… it’s New Review Wednesday!

This week we have a popular strain called Mendo Breath. If you haven’t heard of Mendo Breath, but love a good, strong Indica, then check this one out… I doubt you’ll be disappointed. The version we reviewed this week comes from High Garden and tested in at 25.45% THC! Strong stuff.

I use this strain medicinally – it’s one of my go-to strains for dealing with my chronic depression. It’s great for dealing with the physically symptoms of the depression. It relaxes my body and helps me deal with the aches and pains brought on by my illness… I talk about this more in-depth in the video.

If you use the herb to manage the symptoms of depression I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Here’s this weeks’ video!

You can read the entire review over here…  which includes a transcript of the video – edited for clarity – a follow up, the lowdown and all the relevant links.

Name The Gecko

“Name The Gecko” week continues… Zippy and Tiger are out in front, as of this morning. Vote early and vote often.

Results coming Friday…

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