10.21.2020 | New Review Wednesday | Mercury Retrograde…

Unexpected Circumstances

Sooo… each week we have a plan A, a plan B, and a plan C to make sure New Review Wednesday happens. Oh boy, this week we had a trifecta of difficulties hit us –

Plan A didn’t work out – a herb review gone totally wrong… holy cow – that was a situation!

Plan B went cattywampus – the result of unexpected technical difficulties – Mercury Retrograde strikes hard.

Plan C isn’t worth mentioning – don’t even go there…

Needless to say- our video review didn’t come to fruition this week. We are disappointed but we carry on!

Next week my friends… next week!!! ❤️?❤️

PS. I just shopped for some upcoming reviews and picked up a Marley’s Naturals hybrid, the Deep End Farms AV Chemdawg, and 3C’s Illuminati OG, and more… so hang on to my bong – we’ve got a whole bunch of goodness coming your way starting next week!!!

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