10.14.2020 | New Review Wednesday | SFV OG from CRU Cannabis

Welcome back to the Red Bench – It’s Wednesday and that means we’ve got a new video review for you!

This week we got into a strain called SFV OG, which is a classic out here in Southern California. It’s an OG Kush phenotype that is readily available at collectives and dispensaries all over the southland. The version we looked at this week comes from CRU Cannabis, a Coachella Valley company that produces many different strains.

Check out the video…

You can read the whole review here!

One of the things I comment on in the video is my disappointment with the price of this particular eighth of herb, which was $45. Let me explain… the top prices for herb where I shop is $70 an eighth, and I can’t afford those prices. Most top-shelf herb runs $45-$55 an eighth and you can still find some really great cannabis at $25-$40 – well-cured, packaged in glass and with a great high.

Two of my favorite brands, Coastal Sun Farm and Arcanna Flowers have both recently dropped their prices and you can buy their amazing herb at $40 or below!

I attribute these prices to the market forces at work in a “legalized” environment. I expect that prices will continue to drop for some time and stabilize around the $25-$35 range. That is just capitalism 101.

I’m sure the $45 I paid for this eighth would be a bargain in an area where legalization isn’t in effect, but I’ve got to say, I sure have quickly adapted to the lower prices we pay. Getting more herb for your buck is never a bad thing!

What are the prices like where you shop? What do you consider too high a price to pay for an eighth?

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