9.2.2020 | New Review Wednesday | THC Bomb!

Introducing the THC Bomb!

Welcome back to the red bench… it’s New Review Wednesday!

We have something special for you this week – we tried out a Sativa-dominate strain called THC Bomb. If you haven’t heard of THC Bomb you definitely want to know about this strain! The genetics are wrapped in a mystery, a secret kept by Bomb Seeds of the Netherlands. They call this a Indica/Sativa hybrid but what we experienced was a full-on Sativa-dominate hybrid!

Coastal Sun Farm from Northern California has taken this strain, grown it organically and delivered it to the people at a reasonable price…

That sounds good, but did this strain deliver? Was it THE BOMB? How did it look and feel, smell and taste, and what were the effects?

Check out the video review and find out!

Here’s a link to the full review: https://redbenchreviews.com/coastal-sun-thc-bomb/

Legalization on the Federal Level?!?

Just caught wind of this the other day… coming up this month – the House is voting on the MORE act which would remove marijuana from the controlled substance act and MORE! If this passed and was signed into law the war on marijuana would be over! How great is that?!? This could happen before the election, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. We live in strange times and who knows…

We’re keeping an eye on this one, and we’ll let you know if there is significant movement you should be aware of…

Read about the MORE act here:


Lawmakers Prepare for Historic House Floor Vote on the MORE Act

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September 4, 2020 1:00 pm

Tried the THC Bomb before we headed out on a 5 hr. road trip to az. Kept me talking all the way there plus some! Got to bed at 330 am, latest I’ve stayed awake in a long time!! Then I switched up with a few hits of Larry OG and asleep I went! ? thanks for the review and a new goto sativa strain!! Keep on reviewing!