9.8.2020 | Old School Hash

Oh man, my old nemesis, the depression, has moved in like a storm this morning and it has been kicking my butt since the minute I got up. Fortunately, I am prepared for such an event because I’ve got some old school hash – dark, rich and packed full of comforting cannabinoids.

This gram of hash is by Green Privilege, it’s solvent free – very nice, soft and crumbly. If I was going to roll a joint of herb mixed with hash this would be a good hash to use, but this morning I’m gonna load this up in the bong to maximize the smoke. This gram will be my medicine today and if experience is my guide, which it is, I should be be feeling some relief after just a few hits – let’s find out…

Big, thick oily hits… medicinal tasting with an undertone of band-aids. A bit floral, like a thousand flowers were compacted into one hit. And then there is that familiar hash taste – unmistakable once you’ve smoked hash.

A few hits in and just as expected – here comes the relief. This is a hybrid hash so I’m feeling the Sativa uplift right off the bat… five minutes later I’m feeling the Indica body comfort which is quickly helping with the aches and pains of the depression. I feel like I’ve been wrapped in a fuzzy blanket of sweet relief! Now this day can get started.

Sure, the depression is still lurking in the background, but now I feel so much better than where I started this morning. As I’ve mentioned before – cannabis does not heal depression, it provides relief. And when you’re getting pounded by waves of depression, relief is exactly what you need. Relief that gets you back on top of the day, able to function and get stuff done.

Old school hash – medicine I can count on!

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September 9, 2020 6:49 pm

So I’m a bit naive when it comes to all the varieties of Marijuana! Could you please help me understand the difference between hash, crumble, etc.?

Denise Alley
September 8, 2020 11:44 am

I gave this 5 stars. Shows 3? Great Sesh?

Denise Alley
September 8, 2020 11:41 am

Sorry you feel shitty today. I do too. Needing to move I think? I’m searching for anything here in MA. I was just looking up hash. I used to love lacing a joint with it. Wow. Yep. The good old days for sure. Never smoked it by itself. Wish I was LOL. I hope it’s still helpful??. I’m on the hunt??