11.12.2020 | Our Favorite Stoner Films

Last night Tania and I were talking about what our three all-time favorite stoner movies were… and here they are – listed in no particular order. Each has it’s high points, and they are all movies we’ve watched numerous times so we’re happy to recommend them for your viewing pleasure… enjoy!

Taking Off

“Just let it go…”

“Director Milos Foreman made his American debut with this comedy about 1960s-style parenting. Jeannie Tyne (Linnea Heacock) has fled her parents and her suburban home to wander around New York City. Sick with worry, Jeannie’s mom, Lynn (Lynn Carlin), and dad, Larry (Buck Henry), meet other parents of runaways in a support group. When Jeannie finally returns home, however, it appears that her parents have been having quite a bit of fun with their new friends in her absence.” – Rotten Tomatoes

If you’re a pot smoker you’ve got to love this film because it has the best pot smoking scene ever! Vincent Schiavelli steals the scene as a hippie insider who instructs a roomful of straight parents how to smoke a joint. We’ve watched this scene so many times… it’s a classic. Check this video out!

I Love You, Alice B. Toklas

“Just add that special ingredient…”

“Successful, strait-laced Jewish lawyer Harold Fine (Peter Sellers) takes a walk on the wild side after reluctantly agreeing to marry his long-time girlfriend, Joyce (Joyce Van Patten). Unexpectedly smitten by his hippie brother’s flower-child girlfriend, Nancy (Leigh Taylor-Young), and her potent, marijuana-laced brownies, Harold ditches his establishment life and embraces communal living with Nancy, only to realize the freewheeling life might not be all that it seemed.” – Rotten Tomatoes

People eating pot brownies in the sixties! Need I say more…

This film has got hippies, drop-outs, strait-laced people getting stoned and psychedelia inspired grooviness… it’s Hollywood’s version of the hippie lifestyle in 1968. Very fun… oh, and did I mention pot brownies?!

Here’s the trailer:


Grandma’s Boy

“Drive Monkey, drive!”

“When he and his roommate can’t pay their rent, video game creator Alex (Allen Covert) finds himself homeless and moves in with Lilly (Doris Roberts), his wacky grandmother. Lilly and her elderly pals like to hang out in front of the television all day, but their constant presence puts a damper on Alex’s social life and pot smoking. Alex wants to court co-worker Samantha (Linda Cardellini), but he’s preoccupied by a rivalry with another game designer, so the would-be relationship is in limbo.” – Rotten Tomatoes

Wow – the critics hate this film! We couldn’t find a good synopsis or review anywhere online… but in spite of the critics, we’re going to recommend this one.

I don’t know how many times we’ve watched this movie… simply hilarious in a crude, raunchy, low-brow kind of way. The pot smoking scenes are so classically stereotypical that you’ve got to love them! And who doesn’t crack up watching a group of grandmothers stoned on tea they made, unsuspectingly, from a bag of pot? Oh, the hilarity ensues…

What is your favorite stoner film? Have a great time at the movies – and until tomorrow, best of health.

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