11.9.2020 | Purple Punch

This last week I ordered cannabis oil from my local delivery service so I could make some cannabis infused chocolates. I make these chocolates often – two bars that contain 1000mg of THC-rich cannabis oil. These are the only edibles I use now.

I like to know exactly how much THC is in the edibles I’m eating. Making my own chocolates helps me precisely measure the amount each piece of chocolate contains. I’ve been doing this for over a year and it is seriously the BEST medicine I’ve ever used for depression.

But this post isn’t about chocolate, cannabis oil or depression, it’s about something else that was in the bag when the oil was delivered. There was a little plastic bottle with a gram nug of Purple Punch in it! This strain is a cross of my all-time favorite strain, Grandaddy Purple, and another great one – Larry OG.

I popped open the plastic bottle right away and let my nose introduce itself to the herb. Wonderful, strong purpleness!!! I love purple-smelling flowers and this one was exquisite…

The nug, as you can see from the photo was not purple-looking in any way, but it was beautiful – thick, chunky… a medium green bud that was heavy with trichomes. I closed the bottle, and set it aside with the thought that this herb deserved a special moment to try it out.

Saturday night was that special time.

Oh the smell… I just have to go on for a moment about the amazing aroma of this one, because I kept opening and closing the bottle to smell this nug – it was that delicious! The smell was rich in purple, buttery, pancake aromas, maybe something like blueberry buttermilk pancakes… Tania said it was the best marijuana she had ever smelled! Pure purple heaven.

After a few hits I felt the delightful marijuana “fuzzies” settle in, first in my chest and then my shoulders, moving out into my arms. My eyes were well-lidded by this point, and “relaxed” was the word to describe where my body was headed. My mind was enjoying that flood of ideas you get with a good herb high… it’s one of my favorite effects from cannabis. As a writer it’s like throwing gas on a fire.

This nug had a great Indica buzz with that nice balance between heavy and light, falling into a pleasant medium ground – fuzzy, strong head high and body stone without the couchlock feel. I wanted to keep taking hits of the herb because it was so delicious but the high turned into stoned after just a handful of hits – and before I knew it I was back at my computer writing, forgetting about my bong for quite awhile.

Right now Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd is on and it seems to be vibrating every fiber in my body as I sit here typing. Some strains just make listening to music so amazing… I get so deep into the sounds and the production – Purple Punch is a great strain for that. How many joints have been burned listening to Pink Floyd… oh, and David Gilmore’s guitar – auditory heaven… but I digress.

I am definitely going to order an eighth of this one before it disappears! Such a fine representation of what Purple Punch should smell and feel like! You’ll have to excuse me now… I need to get back to the music.

Have a great day – and until tomorrow, best of health.

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November 9, 2020 12:26 pm

Great review Jon! I love smoking and then listening to Pink Floyd. I went to their concert in the nineties and the guy behind us had a quarter bag. It was an amazing time.