11.13.2020 | Riding The Purple Diesel Train

Much Love For The Service

I love my local marijuana delivery service – the products, the prices, the service, the friendly people, the bonus points, the free joints on Friday – oh my! It’s good to be an herb smoker up here in the hi-desert, if you know where to shop…

I checked out their menu yesterday and was so happy to see all the great herb available – sure I can’t buy all the cannabis I laid my eyes on, but I can dream! It seems like every week there are new, delicious cannabis strains to try… and how great is that?! When full federal legalization hits – and I believe it’s coming very soon – I imagine it’ll just get better and better…

When I checked out the menu, I saw they had just added something called Purple Diesel Train?! I looked up the strain online but I couldn’t find it. I found something called Purple Diesel instead on Leafly and here’s what they had to say –

“Purple Diesel, bred by Cali Connection, is a wonder among hybrid strains. While most of the effects are often energizing, uplifting, and focused, Purple D may also be an exceptional strain for pain relief. A sneaky cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel, this strain takes a while to fully kick in. However, once the effects begin to present themselves, many are struck by a type of giggly, euphoric bliss. A favorite among daytime consumers, Purple Diesel features a sour, fuel-like aroma…”

I love Sour Diesel! It’s one of my top five all-time favorite medical strains – and I’ll try anything even remotely related to Sour D, just saying…

After calling the service I found out the Train part of the name comes from the fact that this version of Purple D was crossed with Trainwreck! I know Trainwreck very well – it was my go-to strain in the summer of 2008 and I smoked, literally, ounces of Trainwreck – I didn’t need to look this strain up. It’s a nice Sativa-hybrid that’s very uplifting with a medicinal, astringent smell and taste. I imagined that was going to cross well with the Sour Diesel and Pre-98 Bubba mix.

Well, this all sounded like some good medicine to me. I needed to get myself some medicinals for the weekend anyways, so I put in an order immediately.

The local delivery service is my go-to for all my daily medical marijuana needs. I feel the owner has a good sense of my situation and she often steers me towards strains that might be helpful. I told the service I needed an eighth of the Purple D Train, and just like that – I had a 4.1 gram eighth in my hands within a half hour. Did I mention they weigh all their eights out at a very generous four grams? Much love for the service!

Jumping On The Purple Diesel Train

I opened the pop-top bottle as soon as I got it and took a deep inhale. If you can imagine purple smelling grape Kool-Aid aromas crossed with a pleasant diesel smell, that’s what jumped up from the bottle. Yum! Very deep and earthy, a bit kushy… not what I expected from a Sativa.

The nugs had a slightly leafy quality to them, much like a Sativa, but with a denseness that gave them some body. When I cut the first nug up to load it in the bong the smells just enveloped me and I was in a wonderful cloud of grape diesel Kool-Aid accompanied with a burst of the astringent Trainwreck aroma – oh my, what a great smell!

The nug was well-cured and burnt so nicely in the bowl. The pungent, earthy flavors – soaked in a fuel flavoring – filled my mouth, my lungs and my nose. I quickly took a couple more hits… again I say yum!

I thought Purple Diesel Train had a great buzz, because I love a contemplative, happy high. It got me so delightfully high without feeling that super heavy stoned feel. But I must say, it did have enough heaviness that it even satisfied a dedicated Indica smoker like me. It had a very comfortable feel in my body that was rather subtle.

The mental effects of the herb hit me pretty much immediately – this was definitely a head-high kind of strain. A Sativa – just as advertised. It was both energetic and euphoric… just a darn happy herb – no complaints here! 🙂

Is this an herb I would buy again? Oh yes – except for the fact that the delivery service currently has a bunch of good herb to try! They have some Strawberry Cookies that sounds delicious and some Thai Mafia that I’ve been told is really good… not to mention getting an eighth of that Purple Punch I wrote about on Monday! I’ll be torn between getting more of this one, which I know is great, and experimenting with something new next time around. Knowing me, I’ll lean towards experimenting. But that is no reflection on this strain – it’s a total winner!

If you come across any Purple Diesel Train, write me and tell me your experience. I’d love to compare notes.

Well, that’s it for this week. I’ve really enjoyed all the comments and emails I’ve received along the way. I appreciate you all giving me a moment of time in your daily routine.

Until next week, best of health.

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