10.8.2020 | The Lowdown on Red Bench Reviews

Above: Me with my brand new bong on the day the idea for Red Bench Reviews was hatched… on June 18th, 2020.
This was my birthday, which is the same day as Jack Herer‘s birthday!

Alright – we are nearly four months into this cannabis adventure called Red Bench Reviews. Tania and I have created numerous projects over the years, separately and together, and nothing has given us as much joy as this one! It is so satisfying when a project uses every talent and skill you’ve developed over the years – and Red Bench Reviews has done just that.

Over these short few months Red Bench Reviews has grown beyond our original intentions to just post cannabis product video reviews on YouTube, and the results couldn’t make us happier. Because we’ve gone through a few changes along the way, we thought a post about our weekly schedule might be helpful…

Weekly Video with Written Review

Once a week we post a video review on New Review Wednesday. This is an in-depth look at a particular strain from one of the many widely-available cannabis brands here in California.

All our video reviews start with an “unboxing” of the herb and then I try the strain and give my completely spontaneous response – the look, the smell, the flavor – and after I have smoked several hits, the effects. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it 😉

We post our videos on YouTube and on our site, where I also write up a review that goes more in-depth than I can during the video review. The two pair well together!

The Blog – Jon’s Daily Sesh

Monday through Friday I write a daily blog called Jon’s Daily Sesh. These are short posts covering the spectrum of cannabis use, from ways to elevate your smoking game to product reviews to cannabis news, legalization issues and cannabis justice.

Okay – that covers it… you can stop reading now – unless you want to get into the extra details, including some history of Red Bench Reviews.


Still with me? Alright… here’s the extra details about us, the project and what we’re doing here.

Our goal is to provide quality, honest cannabis product and strain reviews to help people make informed decisions in the newly emerging legal cannabis marketplace.

That’s all official sounding, isn’t it?! But what does it really mean?

Getting Started

Back in late June, Tania and I just thought it would be fun to film a few herb reviews and post them on YouTube. We came up with the name Red Bench Reviews and a logo, and the project really started to take on a life of it’s own…

The feedback we were getting from our friends in the first few weeks made us take Red Bench Reviews a little more seriously. We upped our game and invested in a better camera and a good microphone – maybe this little project could grow into something, we started to think?!!

New Review Wednesday, the Socials and Jon’s Daily Sesh

A good friend suggested that we start posting our videos on a certain day each week, so she could plan when to watch the latest one with her family. Apparently our videos had become family time! Who would have guessed?!? Up to that point we were posting whenever we felt like it, so we took her suggestion seriously and New Review Wednesday was born. Since early July we’ve been posting a new video review every Wednesday and suddenly our YouTube channel started to attract subscribers.

We decided to add a social media component to the project, and by mid-July Red Bench Reviews had joined Twitter, Instagram and started a Facebook Group. Daily I started putting up photos and little bits of cannabis info from our reviews, and happily – there is an audience out there for what we’re doing, and we’ve started to make connections with some wonderful people!

Doing the daily socials really fits me. I like the experience of being the “host” at our website and on our videos!

Everything was sailing along beautifully until one morning while posting a herb photo to our Facebook Group, up popped a stern warning – “You have violated community standards…” Ooops.

Well, the heck with Facebook, we thought after getting over the shock of being threatened with getting banned. Let’s start a daily blog on Red Bench Reviews, and move all the content I was putting up on the socials to our website. What a great idea! It might even bring some traffic to the site!

So, in mid-August we launched Jon’s Daily Sesh, a daily blog that was intended to just be really short little posts… but I’m a little too prolific as a writer and the posts kept growing in length… oh my! I get a serious high writing, so I do a lot of it.

Hitting Our Stride

We’ve tinkered some with our video format, our written reviews and the daily sesh as we moved from week to week, adding and removing concepts and ideas to shape what we were doing into an even better version of Red Bench Reviews. Well, we just published our nineteenth video and I think we’re hitting our stride!

Knowing we always have room for improvement, we look forward to your feedback on how we can make Red Bench Reviews an even better experience for you…

The Weekly Schedule

This is the weekly schedule over at the Red Bench – the posts go up on FB, Twitter and IG and our site:

  • MondayJon’s Daily Sesh
  • TuesdayJon’s Daily Sesh
  • WednesdayNew Review Wednesday (Jon’s Daily Sesh is all about the video review on this day)
  • ThursdayJon’s Daily Sesh
  • FridayJon’s Daily Sesh
  • SaturdayWeekly Wrap Up – posted on FB, Twitter and IG only
  • Sunday – Day Off

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