9.1.2020 | The Magic Of Glass

Elevate Your Sesh Week continues…

The Magic of Glass

Glass is your seshes’ friend! Even if you’re a dedicated joint smoker, glass is still your friend. Let me explain…


Keeping your herb in a baggie just doesn’t cut it anymore. It doesn’t keep your herb fresh, the nugs get crushed when you jam the baggie in your pocket, and nowadays we have better options.

During the eighties and nineties, when I got my pot exclusively from dealers, baggies were the standard issue way of buying, carrying and storing your marijuana. Not ziplock baggies, but the old school sandwich baggies that you had to lick to keep closed. By the time I got to the end of an eighth the herb had dried out and turned to crumbs and dust (not to mention stems and seeds).

That all changed when the medical marijuana dispensaries arrived. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs quickly realized that baggies didn’t fit the image they were going for. Within a few years the best collectives were using glass mason jars to store their herb and some even packaged their eighths in little glass jars. It seemed very connoisseur at the time. Now I’ve come to expect it. When I shop for herb for our reviews I tend to gravitate to brands that use glass jars. Why? Because glass storage is magic when it comes to the herb.

Glass jars will keep your herb fresher longer. Out here in the desert, where the humidity is low, herb can dry out very quickly. I rely on glass jars to keep the herb from turning to dust in just a few days. Eighths may not last long around me – but I do want to experience the fine cure the growers have spent weeks cultivating when I get down to the last nug. And who doesn’t want that? My recommendation – buy glass jars with a good seal and keep them filled with delicious herb 🙂


My first pipe was a little wooden number. I notched it every time I got someone stoned for their first time. I lost it after I had seventy-something notches in it. This was back in 1983, and wooden pipes were very common. At least once a week I’d clean the accumulated resin from the pipe with a paperclip. It was a messy, gooey and smelly process, but absolutely necessary. Otherwise you would go to take a hit and get a mouthful of resin juice – gross! It happened to me on more than one occasion.

I didn’t discover glass pipes until I had been smoking for years. What a change it was switching to glass. So much easier to clean! The first glass I had was given to me. It was a big pipe and I called it “Bigfoot”. Bigfoot lasted several years until an unfortunate accident sent him crashing to a cement floor.

Many glass pipes have come and gone since Bigfoot, but I could never go back to smoking from anything but glass. I shiver when I think of how much charred wood I inhaled during my first twenty years of smoking.

Watching the video reviews you’ll see that I’ve recently moved up to a higher glass experience – my beloved bong by GRAV. Give me five minutes and I’ll rave endlessly about my bong. I use Randy’s Black Label Glass Cleaner to keep this smoking machine clean and fresh. I want to taste the herb to it’s fullest – and clean glass delivers!

What’s In My Glass Today?

I still have some of the Wedding Cake I got yesterday! Just a day in the jar has already improved the flavor and cure. The high is already very good and it puts my brain in the head space I’m looking for – the kind that puts an insulation on my mental wires.

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September 1, 2020 6:23 pm

I do enjoy a glass pipe or bong but still use a little wooden one hitter often! Last weekend we went to deserts finest to pu something new, was hoping for black Gelato but they didn’t have it! We ended up trying a sativa called blue legend! Pretty good all over body buzz, but not head heavy! Could still do stuff!