9.28.2020 | The Pie Gal

Welcome back to the red bench – it’s Monday and time to get this sesh going!

If you’ve been following this blog you know I’m a big fan of Coastal Sun Farm. So far, in the last few months I’ve reviewed their Tropical Punch, THC Bomb and the Banjo – all extraordinary strains of cannabis, all product I would definitely buy again!

Yesterday I got into an eighth of their strain called Pie Gal. This is one of their Sativa Select herbs, and like all the Coastal Sun products I’ve tried, the nugs weighed in at exactly 3.5 grams. Too many companies skimp on their eighths, but not Coastal Sun. Thank you! I appreciate that.

I found this to be a lightweight herb. With the THC coming in at 20% – I was anticipating a little more kick. But the high isn’t just about the THC, it’s about the whole plant profile including the terpenes, and I was expecting a lot from a cross of Jack Herer x Purple Punch x Larry OG x Shiva Shanti.

Look, Smell, Taste, and Effects

The nugs ranged from mediums to smalls with a medium green color. A few nugs had some purple tones in them. The trichomes were thick, frosting several of the nugs and prominent on the others. The solid buds were well-cured and lightly sticky.

The jar smell was delightful. Floral tones with a strong astringent, medical smell. There were hints of lemon in there. Cutting up a nug to load the bong released a cloud of smells – with a big burst of the astringent – slightly acidic and bitter – smell that reminds me so strongly of Trainwreck.

On my first hit, the slightly earthy flavor of the herb combined with a strong pastry crust flavor… during the first couple of hits I swear I could taste the flour, butter and sugar. The smooth smoke also had a slightly woody flavor, which gave the whole taste sensation of being in a cabin in the woods with pastries baking in the oven. Sweet!

Of course – the look, the smell and the flavor are just a setup for the real heart of the show – the effects.

It took about six hits to really get the high going for me. Part of that was because this is a long creeper herb – at least ten to fifteen minutes before the effects really settled in. I first felt the herbal sensations in my chest, a relaxing of my chest muscles. Then it moved into my head with a wonderful meditative vibe.

This is a cerebral herb – perfect for contemplation and meditation. Within twenty minutes of smoking I was deep in thought, my brain firing on all eight cylinders. The body effects were very comforting, like the herb wrapped all my nerves in a cozy insulation.

The Long Sesh

I have a friend named Matthew, who is a true lover of the herb. He’s one of my favorite people to spend time having a long sesh with. You know the kind of sesh where you just keep packing bowls even after you’re high… and you move from high to stoned to really stoned to blasted – in such a good way!

“Is that bowl dust?” I would say…

“Yeah, how about another?” Matthew would reply and get started preparing the bong for another round. This would be repeated about every fifteen minutes for several hours. You know, a long sesh… 🙂

Well, I want to sit down with Matthew and this herb. The conversations, the ideas, the joy of smoking – this herb is perfect for the long sesh. The ceiling on the high allows for a serious climb up Stoned Mountain, and Matthew would be a perfect climbing partner.

The Wrap Up

In my opinion, this is a perfect daytime herb for the novice smoker. A seasoned smoker might need about six hits to really start enjoying the effects – as I mentioned, at least I certainly did.

Will I buy this again? There are so many different jars of Coastal Sun herb to choose from, I’d probably skip over this one if a jar of Banjo or THC Bomb were available. But if I knew my friend Matthew was coming by for a sesh, well this would probably be on the menu.

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September 28, 2020 8:09 pm

I forgot to send you a picture!?
This is the weed bag!