10.15.2020 | The Smoky Way-Back Machine of Love!

Welcome back to the Red Bench – get ready to climb aboard the smoky way-back machine of love!

So I’m having a flashback moment here… to 34 years ago when I’d just met my love – we started going out on the twelfth of October. Back then we used to sit on my parent’s porch nearly everyday and smoke copious amounts of marijuana and talk – about love, dreams, politics, God, legalization, the future, music, and about a thousand other subjects. We built a sculpture out of our cigarette butts. We attempted to make our first paintings. We read books by Kurt Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury out-loud to each other…

My parents, actually my mother, felt that it was safer for me to smoke the herb – which she knew I was drawn to for reasons she couldn’t understand – tucked away up on their porch rather than out in the world or sitting in a car somewhere parked on a side street. She didn’t want me to get busted, again… but that’s a story for another day.

I’d pick Tania up after work and there we would be for hour after hour – sitting cross-legged on the cement by the front door, packing bowls and exhaling clouds of smoke while we got to know each other and began creating things together… safely getting high, and thankful for the space to imbibe.

Funny thing about this time – my father was a minister and taught other pastors theology… one night a week a group of pastors would descend upon my parent’s house and walk through our clouds of marijuana smoke into the house to study. My parents never asked me to shift up our hang-out space or not smoke that night… surprisingly cool for “conservative Christian Reagan Republicans”.

Dreams of the Future

One of the things Tania and I used to dream about back then was a world where marijuana was legal. It didn’t seem impossible or too much to ask. We were both deeply bothered by the ongoing War on Drugs – which was at it’s height.

Reflecting on the world we lived in back then, we are amazed every time we get herb delivered to our door or go to a dispensary nowadays – what a change! And all for the better! The herb we get is top notch, well-grown and cured, available everyday, within a half hour… how amazing is that?! We can get edibles, flowers of all kinds, vapes, and concentrates – and no cop is going to even think about getting involved. Easy, healthy and safe – that’s what legalization brings.

This is what we dreamed of all those years ago and here we are. Now, the next step is to make this possible for everyone – all across the United States. We keep dreaming, and we’ll get there!

Living In the Present

So here we are – 34 years later, and Tania and I still hang out on the porch, because hanging out together is, as always, our favorite thing to do. Tania smokes a lot less than back in the day – she takes a hit every now and then. I, of course, still keep the copious amounts of smoke blowing around, it’s my job! 😉

As a matter-of-fact, as soon as I wrap up this piece of writing we’re going to go hang out, watch the highway lights moving across the desert floor – and I’ll have myself a smoke of some SFV OG I have left from doing a review the other day.

Hanging out, smoking the herb, talking about the things that matter… it’s been a great thirty-four years!!! We’re doing just what we always dreamed of doing – and I think that should be celebrated!

I love you Tania! ?

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October 15, 2020 11:32 am

It doesn’t get much better than that Jon. My wife and I hang out on our porch often too. It’s nice to just be out in nature with someone you love. She’s not a smoker, but is a strong supporter of the healing properties of cannabis.