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Elevate Your Sesh Week continues…

Know Your Herb

I prefer to know what kind of herb I’m about to smoke. Knowledge is power they say, and the more information I can get the better!

Here in California, the days are gone of going to your dealer and just getting whatever they happen to have at the moment. Back then, most of the time you were just buying “pot” – it didn’t have a name… you didn’t even know if it was an Indica or a Sativa. Getting high was a hit-and-miss situation. Sometimes you got something special and sometimes you got dirtweed. I’m glad to have those days behind us now, and I hope everyone across the country gets to have the same luxury cannabis smokers in a few states have found through legalization.

As you may be aware, I don’t just smoke recreationally, but a lot of my thinking about herb comes from a medical patient perspective. I need good, consistent medicine for my chronic depression. Over the years I’ve found certain strains – mostly Indicas – that are very helpful, and I try and have one or more of those strains on hand at anytime.

Because I don’t want to have hit-and-miss seshes, I advocate gathering as much knowledge about the herb you’re going to smoke before the sesh begins. As I mentioned on Monday, the “Set” in your Set and Setting for your sesh comes from your mindset going into the smoking experience. Having some background knowledge about the strain, it’s expected effects, and so on puts you in the driver seat when the herb effects really start kicking in.

Here’s some links for great places (besides here) to get quality information:

1. Leafly – A solid source of top-notch marijuana information! My main go-to…

2. Wikileaf – I find myself here often… good info!

3. Weedmaps – Looking to find some herb and get some standard info long the way? Weedmaps is the old stand-by.

After I check these three sites I usually do a Google search and go wherever that takes me.

If I find myself joining a sesh where I didn’t provide the herb I always ask what it is we’re smoking. I consider that to be a perfectly legitimate question and usually sparks a good conversation about the herb. It’s your mind and body that’s going to feel the herb, so ask questions and put yourself at ease.

Of course, if your goal is to enter the sesh, carefree, and go wherever the herb may take you… to be more of a passenger than a driver, you can ignore today’s advice 😉 We all bring different goals and expectations to our daily sesh, and that’s okay.

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