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The Review

Welcome back to the Red Bench – it’s time for another Red Bench Review!

It has turned cold here in the hi-desert with temperatures dropping to freezing at night. So let’s bundle up and get into this week’s review…

Bob Marley’s Legacy

I don’t think there is a pot smoker out there who hasn’t spent serious amounts of time listening to Bob Marley. What a great voice… what a great musician! He was a crusader for the herb deep in the dark years of prohibition – he fought the good fight and sang powerful songs for the righteous cause of legalization.

This week we’re looking at a strain called Dough G from Marley Natural, the brand that has received not only the Marley family stamp of approval – it’s their family business now.

I’ve been wanting to try something from this brand for a long time. Bob’s name is on the jar – what would be inside?!

The Low Humidity in the Hi-Desert

When I was down in Desert Hot Springs at the Green Leaf dispensary the budtender suggested this strain, saying it was very popular with her customers… so I added this eighth to the herb I was buying to review. That was four weeks ago.

The humidity here is regularly around 10-15% – very dry. This dries out herb so fast, even herb sitting around in sealed jars just dries out so quickly! It’s a situation I’m in the process of fixing with humidity packs from Boveda. More on that in a future issue of Jon’s Daily Sesh.

The low humidity got to this jar of herb before I did, and it was very dry when I unsealed it during the review. I tried not to be disappointed… reviewing dry herb is kind of a bummer for me. The herb loses much of it’s smell when it dries out and I love reviewing the smell, sorting out all the various aromas. But we pushed on, knowing that this was a rather dry herb I’m reviewing.

Dough G

Dough G is a cross of Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Vader OG. This is not only my first time trying out a Marley Natural strain, but also my first time trying out Dough G. Girl Scout Cookies is on my top ten strain list and I have fond memories of smoking Vader OG some years ago, so I was looking forward to seeing what this cross was like.

The budtender at Green Leaf picked out a jar with a couple nice looking nugs in it. The biggest of the two nugs weighed in at 2.37 grams and was a beauty.

When I looked at the close-ups of the nug it was full of frosty trichomes. If it wasn’t dry it would have weighed a bit heavier, but still, the structure was rather leafy and lacking density.

Oh, but when I lit up that first bowl – gassy, diesel flavors! I wasn’t expecting much because of the dryness, but instead I was hit with a full palette of tastes. The aftertaste was a sweet citrus flavor that was delightful… a clean and fresh tasting flavor that mixed well with the dank gassy flavors. I quickly took a second hit, just to taste the flavors again.

Sometimes I walk out of the room I’ve been smoking in just to clear my nose and walk back in, smelling the wonderful aroma of freshly burnt herb. I think it might be my favorite smell in the whole world! I loved doing that with this one… the smell in the air reminded me of the crust of a chicken pot pie cooking! A pot-infused chicken pot pie, to be sure!

The high moved in right away like a chill friend showing up at the party. I didn’t get “stoned” from this one but I was lifted with a nice head high – the high was very much on the Sativa end of the hybrid. I imagined Bob Marley and the Wailers smoking a big spliff of this one and kicking the soccer ball around the yard of the studio. I saw a picture of Bob playing soccer once that makes me think of this…

I think this herb would be best for a Saturday afternoon, hanging with friends and chilling to some fine Bob Marley music on the stereo, maybe his album Kaya. Kaya is, of course, the herb, as in, “got to have Kaya now”…


I put the bud in a mason jar with a Boveda humidity pack… and in just a few short hours the nug was re-hydrated to a perfect 62% relative humidity.

The re-hydrated nug smoked wonderfully, burning nicely with all the flavors increased. Effects-wise, it’s a perfect strain for an occasional smoker. Not overwhelming at all… a chill high.

I tried smoking several bowls during one sesh to see how the ceiling was on the high, and it’s fairly low on this one. Even though it tested at 18.6% THC, I couldn’t get my high beyond what I felt by smoking about four hits. No reason to waste good herb by over-smoking with this herb, I’ll be taking only a few hits at a time and enjoying that high, just letting it ride…

Dough G… I’ve got to say that’s an odd name, but still, I’ve found myself walking around our cabin saying “Dough G” to myself… a strange name, but kind-of catchy. I’d love to know the story behind how that name came about.

Now, the big question – would I buy this one again? Yes, and I’d smoke it right away so it doesn’t dry out… or on the first afternoon I have free to chill and hang out.

Thank you for tuning in this week… until next week, best of health.

The Lowdown

StrainDough G
TypeHybrid – Sativa Dom.
GeneticsForum Girl Scout Cookies X Vader OG
BrandMarley Natural
Location PurchasedGreen Leaf – Desert Hot Springs
THC Level18.6
Purchase Weight3.5 grams – 1/8 oz
Actual Weight3.41
Look & Feel
PackagingGlass Jar
ColorMedium Green
TouchNot Sticky
Look & Feel Rating2.75
Look & Feel ImpressionsThe nugs looked great and really improved once they were re-hydrated.
Base SmellSweet
Secondary SmellsPine, Diesel, Lemon
Strength – SmellSubtle
Smell Rating2.5
Smell ImpressionBecause of the dryness the smell was so subtle.
Flavor – OtherLemon, Diesel
Smoke TextureDry, Smooth
Strength – TasteMellow
Taste Rating3
Taste ImpressionsThe taste was nice and better when re-hydrated.
How Much Ingested?4 hits (1/4 gram)
Speed of OnsetImmediate
Where Do You Feel It?Head
Main EffectsCerebral, Motivating, Creative, Contemplative
Strength – EffectsPronounced
Duration30-45 minutes
Effects Rating3.5
Total Rating2.95
Total Rating – Why?This one lost a lot of points on it’s dryness. I’d love to try this in it’s prime.
Would I buy this again?Yes
Rating Scale1 (Poor) 2 (Average) 3 (Very Good) 4 (Exceptional) 5 (Holy Grail)
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November 11, 2020 12:37 pm

When too dry, I’ve added a small piece of orange or apple peeling for 1 day and it works great!