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The Review

New Review Wednesday – 2021 | Episode #32 | Mendocino Grasslands | Rolls Choice

This week’s cannabis strain comes from Mendocino Grasslands and is called Rolls Choice. This strain is a cross of Tahoe OG and C4. I’m very familiar with Tahoe OG, a herb I find to be a heavy-hitting Indica hybrid that’s rather stony. But C4 is a strain I’ve never tried and is a mystery to me – it’s a cross of Shiskaberry (smoked it before) and Cotton Candy Kush (never smoked before).

Look and Smell

First off, Mendocino Grasslands doesn’t just put 3.50 grams in their eighth jars – they put in 4.20 grams in a clever nod to herb smoker’s favorite smoking time of day. I certainly appreciate the extra herb, that’s a couple of bowls of smoking pleasure right there. Mendocino Grasslands’ herb comes in glass jars that have a classy and understated design… there is a sense that they put much thought into the graphic look, something I appreciate.

The herb itself underwhelmed me at first… half the contents was shake along with a couple nice size buds. Not what I expect when paying over $50 an eighth. The two buds were a patchy mix of pale green, sage green and dark yellow colors.

The nugs literally fell apart while cutting them up…

The aroma was very earthy, on the low-end of the smell spectrum. By low-end I mean it’s got that heavy earthy aroma instead of the bright fruity notes that I would call the high-end of the spectrum. I could smell that nice old-school OG aroma lingering in the air when I started to cut up a nug (which fell apart) to see how good the cure was… and the cure didn’t disappoint! The herb was still pretty fresh even though it was packaged in January and I’m reviewing this at the end of August.

The Taste and Effects

The taste followed the smell and was earthy with a bit of a soapy taste. The smoke left a sandalwood aftertaste in my mouth. On a blind taste test I would have called this a descendant of OG Kush crossed with a Mexican strain that I would have bought back in 1984-86… it had those flavors that took me back to hanging out with my old friends in the eighties, passing a joint around. Good times and good memories!

I took a couple hits of the herb on camera and by the time we headed to the ten minute break I was feeling the effects rolling in… and it had that old-school feel – in that way where everything shifts and changes suddenly, as my eyes got slightly lidded and my body got the “fuzzies” – classic marijuana.

There were no surprises from this herb, but it was strong – very strong. I took four hits before going back on screen to finish the review, and I was stoned in such a pleasant fashion – but not in a disoriented way – everything was well under control.

The effects of this one hit quickly and strongly, as I noted above, but they also built over about ten to fifteen minutes. The THC level on this one was 26.5% – that’s a pretty big engine to drive the high, and it felt like it… easily a “one hit and quit” strain if you don’t have a high tolerance.

The Wrap Up

This herb reminded me so much of smoking joints back in the day that I had to roll one up and see how this one smoked in a fatty. I enjoyed the joint this afternoon sitting on our patio overlooking Joshua Tree and the hi-desert – it was a great high. The herb smoked all the way down to the roach – flavorful and smooth the whole way. It wasn’t quite the same as hanging with my old friends and passing the joint around, as I only had a roadrunner and a lizard for company. But by the time I had smoked the joint all the way down I was ready to start having a conversation with the lizard who was sitting by me, hanging out on the wood pile – yeah, it’s that strong!

In my mind, this is the way a good Indica hybrid is supposed to feel. This strain was listed online as a Sativa hybrid, but that’s not the way it felt to me. Nothing about this herb indicated that it was a Sativa, not the smell, the look, the taste or the effects.

One last note about the name… I’m guessing the name Rolls Choice was given because it sounds like “Rolls Royce”… I don’t know for sure. If you have better information about the name, drop me a line.

Now it’s time to load up the bong and go for another sesh with this Rolls Choice…

Until later, best of health.

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