Once a week we post a video review on New Review Wednesday. This is an in-depth look at a particular strain from one of the many widely-available cannabis brands here in California.

All our video reviews start with an “unboxing” of the herb and then I try the strain and give my completely spontaneous response – the look, the smell, the flavor – and after I have smoked several hits, the effects. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it 😉

We post our videos on YouTube and here on our site, where I also write up a review that goes more in-depth than I can during the video review.

2022 Season began on January 5, 2022

Granddaddy Purple is a legend! GDP! Granddaddy Purps! This strain was first introduced to the world by Ken Estes at medical marijuana collectives in the San Francisco bay area in 2003, and this strain has gone on to become a heavily sought after strain around the world. I love this strain. It’s been in my top ten list for years even though I haven’t had a chance to smoke it in nearly a decade...
I get excited when a surprise package from Five Leaf Wellness shows up at the post office, because it usually contains something really good. Recently I got a package that contained some Frosted Diesel, a strain I’ve never tried before. I love the name Frosted Diesel – it really gets my imagination going!
Herb & Zen is introducing their new white-labeled indoor line and I got my hands on a jar of Grape Pie Gelato, so let’s get into it!
Let me tell you about a special flower I’ve been smoking for about a week now. This is a 50/50 hybrid called Sundae Driver. The genetics of this plant are great!
Well – I think I found my new go-to pipe! It’s big and airy, made of silicon and glass and was sent to me by Waxmaid, the producer of a number of silicon and glass smoking implements. Let me introduce you to The Gentleman, a combination hand pipe and nectar collector.
I was amazed when I checked out the online menu at Desert’s Finest in Desert Hot Springs about a month ago… they had True Ryder by Arcanna Cannabis Flowers for only $18 an eighth!