Season One – 2020


Once a week we post a video review on New Review Wednesday. This is an in-depth look at a particular strain from one of the many widely-available cannabis brands here in California.

All our video reviews start with an “unboxing” of the herb and then I try the strain and give my completely spontaneous response – the look, the smell, the flavor – and after I have smoked several hits, the effects. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it 😉

We post our videos on YouTube and here on our site, where I also write up a review that goes more in-depth than I can during the video review.

Well – I think I found my new go-to pipe! It’s big and airy, made of silicon and glass and was sent to me by Waxmaid, the producer of a number of silicon and glass smoking implements. Let me introduce you to The Gentleman, a combination hand pipe and nectar collector.
I broke up my smoking routine this week to try out a new bong/dab rig/nectar collector that just got sent to me from Waxmaid – the top silicone and glass smoking gear producers. So let me introduce you to a serious little smoking machine called The Soldier...
This week we are looking at a strain called Cherry Punch from Coastal Sun Farm, a cannabis farm near Santa Cruz that has really impressed me with their ethos.
The sweet flavors rippled over my tongue with a handful of fruity tastes – pineapple, melons… I think I taste strawberry flavors in there...
I loaded up the bong and took my first hit. The smoke had a sweet purple flavor as it rippled over my tongue. When I exhaled the hit I tasted an earthy, sulfuric, gassy, diesel flavor!
Deep, dank, sulfuric, diesel, gassy aromas hit my nose and immediately had my attention. We were in the middle of filming the video review, and I had just opened the jar and was going to pour out the nugs on the tray. Hold on!
This week we’re looking at a 50/50 hybrid strain – 50% Indica and 50% Sativa – called Orange Creamsicle from Smooth Cannabis. This strain is a cross of Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit and it is delicious!
Have you heard of a strain called Fatso? I’ll tell you about it... but first off, I just want to say – 36.01% THC!
This week we're looking at a delightful version of one of my all-time favorite strains – Chem Dawg! This strain is a classic...
Dough G is a cross of Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Vader OG. This is not only my first time trying out a Marley Natural strain, but also my first time trying out Dough G.
This week we look a a West Coast classic - Blue Dream! This Sativa-dominant hybrid comes in at 25.6% THC and it is beautiful...
This week we’re going to take a look at something a little different… CBD buds! These are hemp flowers, and they are completely legal in the United States...
This week we’re looking at a classic strain here in Southern California, something called SFV OG. SFV stands for San Fernando Valley, and this strain is a phenotype of the OG Kush family and was developed by Cali Connection Farms.
How many strains can you have on your favorites list? Holy cow. This week I added one more, and this one – on taste alone. Let me introduce you to a strain called Jedi Nights OG from Arcanna Cannabis Flowers, a herb company based in Mendocino County. If you haven’t heard of this strain, let me fill you in...
This week we’re getting into an Indica-dominate hybrid strain called Hashbar OG from Farmer And The Felon, a cannabis company that prides itself on being socially conscious. This is my first time ever trying this strain, or this brand, so I was very curious to see what they brought to the table.
Lion Claw first caught my attention last month because of the name. Rather different for a cannabis strain, so I paused to check it out, and that’s when I discovered that this strain is a Ruderalis hybrid?!? Say what? Ruderalis?
I want to thank you for joining us this week, because we are going to look at something special. This is a Sativa-dominate hybrid strain called Banjo, and it comes from Coastal Sun Farm up in Northern California.
I want to thank you for joining us this week – we're going to look at a strain called Jack F1. This Sativa-dominant strain – which is 75% Sativa and 25% Indica – is a combination of three strains. Those strains are Skunk #1, Northern Lights and Mexican Haze – which are all good strains on their own, but what is it like when you put them all together?
I’m so glad you could join us this week because we’re looking at a strain that is brand new to me. This is one that I just picked up last week at a dispensary down in Desert Hot Springs [Desert’s Finest] and I’ve been excited to try it ever since. This one is called THC Bomb and it comes to us from Coastal Sun Farm up in Northern California.
We're so glad that you joined us this week because we want to talk to you about a strain called Mendo Breath. This strain is very near and dear to my heart.
Welcome back to the red bench… thank you for joining us for another session here. Today we're going to look at a strain called Mai Tai that comes from Sessions Supply Company.
During this sesh we're going to be looking at a strain from Coastal Sun, from up in Northern California, called Tropical Punch, which sounds to me like a good strain for a summer afternoon. This strain comes in at 23% THC... it is a cross between some well-known strains like Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights.
During this sesh we're going to be looking at a strain called Pure Kush. I like to call it the Legendary Pure Kush because I've had this strain a few times and loved it each and every time...
This week we're looking at a strain called GMO Cookies that comes to us from Royal Tree. The strain comes in at 33.7% THC… oh my, this could be interesting!
Today we're talking about a strain called Illemonati that comes to us from Smooth Cannabis. It's got the little eye in the triangle situation going on... it's packaged in mystery, and it also comes to us with a mystery...
Today I want to talk to you about this mean, clean, smoking machine. I've been using this thing for 30 days and I am just absolutely crazy about it...
Today we're looking at a strain called Chem 91, also called Chem Dawg 91 because it's part of the Chem Dawg family. This strain is about 50% Sativa and 50% Indica...
Now we're going to talk to you about a strain called Black Gelato that comes to us from Los Angeles Kush. This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. It has 23.37% THC. This reputable company must have put something very nice in this box so let's go into some close-ups and see what we've got in here.
Today I'm very excited to try out this new strain called Orange Creamsicle from Sessions Supply Co. I picked this up the other day because the idea of an Orange Creamsicle made me think (it's the summer here) and I was thinking about sitting on a curb as a child eating a half and a half bar. It kind of took me back.
Bred by Sweet Seeds, Black Jack is a cross of Black Domina and Jack Herer. This strain produces thick buds with huge calyxes that are completely encrusted with trichomes. It has a heavy and flavorful taste and it produces exceptionally long-lasting effects. Because of its high THC levels, Black Jack is popular among medical marijuana patients.
All right, welcome back to the red bench. Today we're going to talk about the DabCap, a handy little accessory I got for my birthday the other day. I did a little research online because I was getting a new bong and so I was curious – can I attached my little vape pen that I use to my bong?
Kushberry Cheesecake is one of a kind. A unique cross of Alien Moonshine and UK Cheese yields frosty buds that exude sweet notes of blueberry and cream. Consistently tested as one of our highest THC content strains, this sativa will leave patients with a euphoric body buzz and sharp, cerebral high.