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The Review

CBD Sunday- 2021 | Episode #19 | No Cap Hemp Co. | Purple Gelato

Purple Gelato from No Cap Hemp Co. is a Indica dominate strain with 20% CBD. Everything about the herb says Indica, from the small, dense nugs to the buzz that hit me after just a few hits. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s unbox the herb and take a look at this jar…

The Look and Smell

The label says this is “premium indoor flower” and that the jar contained 4 grams of herb. The jar itself is glass, and the lid is made of wood with a rubber liner to keep the jar air-tight – very classy. When I weighed out the herb I was happily surprised to see that it weighed in at 6.15 grams!!! Over 2 extra grams of herb!

No Cap Hemp has put a slight spin on the usual herb jar, and turned it upside-down. The upside-down jar puts the herb on a wooden pedestal and really does a great job of showing off the nugs.

The nugs were, as I mentioned, on the small side, but very dense. They were dark green with purple tones. The aroma from the jar was much different than the smell of the herb after they sat on my tray for a few minutes. The jar smell was underwhelming and gentle, with an earthy, fruity aroma. Something about the jar smell made me think of sea foam with this salty quality it had.

Outside the jar the aroma kept getting bigger, as it started to fill our cabin. The fruity aroma had a hint of citrus and over-ripe berries… very earthy and dank. Once I started to cut up the well-cured nugs the aroma just increased. The jar had a Boveda humidity pack in it, so the herb was at a perfect level of humidity – 62%.

The Taste and Effects

I took my first hit and my immediate impression was how smooth the smoke was… it didn’t super-expand and overwhelm my lungs, instead it was a very satisfying hit. The flavor was flowery with the taste of lavender and strong earthy undertones. I immediately jumped into hit number two…

The second hit was much more earthy than the first one, without so much of the perfume-like lavender taste. While I was trying to sort out the flavor of the second hit the effects started to roll in… strong and building with a very noticeable mellow vibe.

After the third hit everything was getting so mellow – the buzz hit me everywhere (head, body, eyes, limbs) and gave me that feeling like time was slowing down. It was about this point that I needed to reassure myself this was hemp I just smoked and not cannabis, because the effects were coming on in a very pronounced way, a very cannabis way…

By the fourth hit my eyes were getting heavy with the lidded feel. I could feel the level of body comfort increasing as the all-over stoniness of the effects kept building. I was getting fully saturated.

Mentally the high was very clean feeling, a very clear-headed buzz. It didn’t make my thinking fuzzy but it sure gave my body the comforting marijuana fuzzies. Lidded and relaxed with high body comfort and the fuzzies – just what I would expect from an Indica and the kind of thing that makes an Indica lover like me very happy.

The Wrap Up

The effects from my first time with this herb were quite noticeable, but not so much when I smoked it again later. During the later seshes the herb still had all the same effects, but they didn’t hit me quite as hard. I don’t know if that has to do with my high tolerance for herb, or because my body gets used to high levels of CBD very fast, but it seemed worth mentioning.

This has been one of the best feeling Indica hemp flowers I’ve tried and I gave the effects a 4.75 because they were so pronounced and classically Indica. I’ll be shopping here again! No Cap Hemp Co. has a nice menu online with a number of strains that look enticing, so you can expect another review of this companies herb in the future… mark me impressed!

Until later, best of health.

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May 9, 2021 7:57 pm

I love the way these good Indica CBD strains feel. It’s almost like taking an all natural muscle relaxer. Nice review.