I was wondering, having never dabbed a Delta 8 product before, is this going to actually do something? I was curious because Soulflower Hemp sent me four different extracts to review – Blueberry Afgoo, Lemon Haze, Grape Skittles and the one I’d just opened, OG Kush.

[Disclaimer: This product was provided by Soulflower Hemp in exchange for an honest review]

The small glass jar I’d just opened contained 800mg of Delta 8/CBD extract of OG Kush… the look was a saucy mix with a scattering of diamonds. It smelled a bit medicinal and astringent. For this outing I used my Airship nectar collector from Waxmaid.

After I heated my nectar collector I took my first hit of the concentrate… and was immediately launched into hyper-space. I sat there in my chair for about a minute just feeling like I was flying through a stream-of-consciousness of mental space. Seriously altered quickly and effectively. And because I was slightly hungry before taking the hit I got an instant case of the munchies.

I relaxed into the first hit for about ten minutes, just feeling the spacey buzz. I was, quite frankly, amazed at the powerful effects I was feeling. I went into this not expecting much and instead I was a happily surprised.

Then I took a second hit.

I savored the delightful pineapple flavor of the dab. As I exhaled I felt like total couchlock was just a couple more hits away. A few minutes later and I was thinking that I didn’t need to get any higher… this really was rocking my boat, in the most pleasant fashion. I mean, isn’t this why we come to this dance?

The rest of the evening was peppered with occasional hits from the nectar collector. I took it a bit slow, never more than a couple hits at a time. Once the rush wore off I enjoyed a very relaxed buzz. Does this feel like OG Kush? Not as I remember OG Kush, the flower… but this is a whole different game. OG Kush is the Joe Cool of herbs in my opinion, and this was something just next door. But, that being said, the buzz from this concentrate was outstanding – relaxing in the end, with a hyper-space rush at the beginning… all and all, a great experience.

I am definitely looking forward to dipping into the other jars Soulflower Hemp sent me!

Until later, best of health.

Find the product: Soulflower Hemp – Note: Concentrates being added to Soulflowers site the week of 1.24.2022

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