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Alright, welcome back to the red bench. Today we’re going to talk about the DabCap, a handy little accessory I got for my birthday the other day. I did a little research online because I was getting a new bong and so I was curious – can I attached my little vape pen that I use to my bong? Turns out you can because of the DabCap. At least that’s what it says it’ll do. Let’s take a look and see if it works as advertised.

The DabCap comes in a little plastic box. It’s a little round silicon object.

They come in a lots of different colors, I happen to have got the red, gold, and green one. There’s black, there’s pink… they come in all kinds of different colors.

So let’s attach this to the vape pen and see how that goes. I’ve got the Yocan Evolve Plus vape pen and it’s got an attachment for wax, crumbles, and things like that. I also use it with the 510 cartridges that most people are familiar with. This one happens to be by Heavy Hitters, it’s a Granddaddy Purple cartridge.

It just goes very easily on the Yocan… voila. and you’ve got your vape pen. Very easy on the go…

Unfortunately, I find the smoke of a vape pen to be a little harsh hits the back of my throat. You know, a couple hits in, my throat throat feels a little funny sometimes. I was thinking, because I was getting a new bong, could I use the smoothness of the bong and the vape pen convenience together?

The dab cap is the connector between the two. You just put the dab cap, very simply, right on the end [mouthpiece] there. Just sits right on the end.

Get your bong and remove the bowl so you have just the downstem. I suggest putting some cool water in the bong, make it an even smoother. Push the button on your battery [and hold the end of the DabCap to the downstem – inhale].

That is smoother. I consider that a definite upgrade to the smoking experience. If you want to use your vape pen with your bong this does exactly as advertised. I got mine for about $10 online at You can go there and check them out.

I definitely give this a thumbs up thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have a healthy and safe afternoon and until later, best of health.



DabCap V.3 at

Yocan Evolve Plus


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