When I think of the brand Herb & Zen, I think of high-powered herb with a consumer-friendly price. I’ve been buying their product for several years now, and the jars that I’ve got in the past have all been northward of 28% THC, and packed a powerful punch. “Buds on a budget” is a term they use to describe their product. Want something that really fits the budget? Let me tell you about their jars of smalls…

[Disclaimer: This product was provided by Herb & Zen in exchange for an honest review]

The black-labeled jar I got to review contained Rolex OG, a cross of White Fire OG and Kuchi – and the combination produced a strong hybrid Indica strain.

The jar was over half-filled and contained a quarter of small, jelly bean-sized nugs.

The small nugs were a frosty, lime green color, and when I opened the child-proof lid of the jar the smell reminded me of old school OG Kush – deeply earthy, rich in Myrcene – just the kind of thing that gets me excited to break up a few small nugs and get this into my pipe.

What is the difference between regular size nugs and smalls? Not a lot. The bigger nugs might have a bit more potency, and they are definitely more photogenic. Nobody is going to win awards with a jar full of smalls, but they get you just as high as the big nugs. This smalls in this jar came in at 30.288% THC, and that is nothing to turn your back on, that’s for sure!

The small nugs were chunky – very dense – and were like cutting up pebbles. In no time I had a nice pile of herb in front of me that was sticky and fragrant. I packed it in my bowl, and at this point it didn’t matter if the herb came from a big bud or these smalls. The smoke was pleasantly thick and tasty with those deep earthy tones and a hint of lavender floral notes. I savored several hits as the effects hit me nearly right away.

Oh man, I got stoned in an Indica fashion! The buzz came on heavy and thick, while quickly bringing a smile to my face. I like an Indica high, and this one had a lot of body comfort, marijuana fuzzies, lidded eyes and a great sense of peace with a relaxed and chill vibe that was abundant in well-being. It was like putting on a coat I’ve worn a thousand times – comfortable and cozy.

When I can catch a quality buzz like this from a “budget” herb, I’m not going to complain… instead I’ll share the good news with my friends. Consider yourself notified, my friend. Next time you see some Herb & Zen smalls on the shelf of your dispensary, know that you’ll probably get some powerful herb, and if it’s Rolex OG, you’ve scored!

Until later, best of health.


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