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The Review

New Review Wednesday- 2021 | Episode #15 | Screaming Trumpets | GMO

This week we got into a powerful strain called GMO from Screaming Trumpets. The packaging of this sample that we looked at from Screaming Trumpets is flat-out cool! The herb comes in a stylish stamped tin and inside the tin is a flavor-seal bag that holds 10 grams of ready-to-roll herb. Also included is a pack of RAW rolling papers and a box of wood matches. Everything you need to roll one up and light it up!

[Disclaimer: This herb was provided by Screaming Trumpets in exchange for an honest review]

This strain is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. The name GMO refers to the taste and smell of the herb – garlic, mushrooms and onions… there are no genetically modified organisms in this herb. Just to be clear. 😉 This is a savory herb, and even if the smell and taste aren’t exactly garlic, mushroom and onions, there is a lot of that sulfuric, diesel smell in there along with a dank earthiness that makes one think they’re smelling those aromas.

When I opened the bag and poured it out on my tray, the herb looked ready to roll.

There were a few small nugs, but the majority was just perfectly ground for joint rolling. I hunted for stems and didn’t find any. The aroma was so fresh and enticing. This was not trim, sugar leaves and shake – it’s ten grams of high quality, well-cured herb in my opinion, just like it says on the side of the tin.

Several weeks ago I did a review of another Screaming Trumpets strain – Sundae Driver – and the quality was the same. I’m getting the impression that Screaming Trumpets are serious about developing a good reputation for top shelf, ready-to-roll cannabis. So far, I’m super impressed.

Knocked Sideways

Generally speaking, I have no problem writing a cannanis review… it’s a pleasure for me in many ways. I simply smoke some of the herb and report it as I experience it. But this week has been different because I’ve been smoking GMO, a seriously powerful strain sure, my brain is very active from the cannabis I smoked, I just can’t seem to get it to focus on my writing. It’s like herding cats. Let me explain.

I can smoke just about any strain of cannabis and write. It comes very easy to me. I wrote a whole novel (a good novel too) stoned off my… you know. Smoking the herb always lubricates my brain and makes it hum along at a nice pace when I sit down at my computer to write. It’s been that way for so long, I sometimes take it for granted.

And then I tried this GMO. This is a whole different ballgame – we’re talking about a herb with 33.09% THC!

After taking the first couple of hits, it felt like the herb was doing donuts in the field of my mind… a big powerful engine all revved up with nowhere to go – just spinning it’s tires, doing donuts. It’s like the high that came on very quickly had no idea what to do with itself. I was just flat-out getting stoned – and for once, after smoking I felt all my motivation melt away. I seriously felt like doing nothing…

I’ll just sit here and let thoughts run around my brain – that’s what I’ve been telling myself after several seshes with the GMO over the last few days. This herb is great for zoning out, maybe the best, happiest zone-out herb ever, but I wasn’t satisfied with that… I felt like my tires were spinning in the loose sand. So much high and no direction.

It took me a few seshes to wrap my head around this version of GMO… how do you make good use of this powerful high, besides just zoning-out?

Today I realized that this is a great social herb!

That may sound counter-intuitive considering how powerful the high is, but this is how it worked for me. First off – I’m not a “phone person”. But today, uncharacteristically, I found myself making a few phone calls after getting stoned – nice long phone calls with good friends that delved into the cosmic and strange, with discussions of time-travel, art and dreams, just to mention a few of the topics. The herb, with it’s active stimulation of the mind just fueled the conversations, focusing my mind, making me attentive and in the moment.

The Wrap Up

Every herb has it’s purpose and sometimes what we’re trying to do doesn’t fit the herb we’re smoking. This was the case for me this week. If I wasn’t trying to write a review, I’d give this herb two thumbs up, just for it’s relaxed, zone-out qualities. But discovering the social side of this herb made me realize it was me trying to fit a round peg in a square hole by trying to make this a “productive” herb.

One last note. When you roll a joint of this herb, use a crutch at the end! This herb is extremely resinous, oh my.

Until later, best of health.

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April 15, 2021 3:09 pm

Can you and your wife review some hash?

April 14, 2021 5:27 pm

Having that much THC, this herb would have literally just made me pass out. It sounds extremely potent, but high quality too. Thanks for another nice review!