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Taking the best attributes of parent strains Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, Orange Creamsicle’s tall structure, heavy colas, and pungent flavor will be sure to keep you coming back for more. This hybrid strain, as the name suggests, has a strong citrus flavor and is used to treat nausea and anxiety. Growers will be happy with this heavy producer that flowers in 9 weeks with beautiful orange-white coloring and a thick coating of resin. – Leafly



[Based on the transcript of video, edited for clarity]

Welcome back to the red bench, it’s time for another Red Bench Review…

Today I’m very excited to try out this new strain called Orange Creamsicle from Sessions Supply Co. I picked this up the other day because the idea of an Orange Creamsicle made me think (it’s the summer here) and I was thinking about sitting on a curb as a child eating a half and a half bar. It kind of took me back.

I don’t know anything about this strain. I’ve never smoked Orange Creamsicle before. I’ve never tried anything from Sessions Supply Co. so I’m very curious. I’m excited to get into this and see what it looks like so let’s have some close-ups and get into this product.


Let’s see what is in this box here… we’ve got a nice sturdy box from Sessions that they keep the jar in.

On the back it’s got the THC content, which for this strain is 20.97 percent, and it tells us that it was packaged on December 21st, 2019. This being July 4th, 2020, this herb has been in the jar now for seven months and I’m very curious to see how well their packaging has succeeded in keeping this fresh.

Let’s open up the box. It’s a very colorful little box inside. As we take out the jar we see it’s got nice little swirlies on the top so you know your going to be smoking some marijuana.

It’s a very nice jar, very clean glass. It’s got a seal on it right here that says Hybrid and a little California warning up there on the top. Let’s break this seal see what’s inside our jar. It’s just a very simple seal, a paper seal – and it’s open.

Oh, nice nugs. Let’s take a smell of this real quick… mmm… orange. That’s a very faint hint of orange, not a strong overwhelming orange, and there’s something fruity under there… a different kind of fruit smell… of a different fruity flavor that’s not exactly orange.

Let’s dump this out on the tray and take a look at what they’ve given us. We’ve got some big nugs here. Very nice size, as you can see in my hand that’s a nice generous-sized nug.

We’ve got two of those and we’ve got some couple little pieces.

Looking at this reminds me a lot of an Afgoo. It’s got very large size pieces in there [calyx], it’s a medium green and a little bit sticky.

Let’s cut one of these open and take a look at what’s inside.

Alright, I am about to get into these. I love cutting them up. They have such a solid feel to them, and I am dying to get into them and see what the cure is like. They seem really well cured, they’re not turning to dust, not dry, and have a nice level of moisture in them. They cut up really nicely. You know what I think we need to do? We need to put this in the bong and smoke it.

[Jon takes a big bong rip]

Ah, that’s kind of strange… I would call that prickly pear [note: It’s a sage tinged fruity taste]. A strange taste. It’s a smell I smelled in my childhood. Now I’m not sitting on the curb eating a Creamsicle bar, but I’m out in the fields, playing around where the cactus is when the prickly pears are becoming ripe. A most unique flavor. Let’s take another rip of that, let my mind think for a second, and see what other flavors arrive.

[One more bong rip later]

Still tasting the prickly pear. Now I got the orange… definitely the orange flavor going on in there. I don’t know if I would call this Orange Creamsicle, but that’s what they decided to market it as… Orange Creamsicle. I’m calling this Orange Prickly Pear. That’s my just personal name for it, but that’s because right now the effects are starting to hit me…

This has a really nice feeling. It’s coming in kind of subtle, kind of coming in low, kind of building. Two hits isn’t going to do it for me. I’m gonna go meditate on this for about ten minutes see what kind of effects I experience. I have feeling that it might creep up on me so let’s see if that happens. We’ll be back at about 10 minutes and let you know how what we think of this at that point.

[Ten to fifteen minutes later]

Welcome back. It’s been about ten to fifteen minutes, and I’ve had a very enjoyable time even though the high, I would say, is mellow. It’s very pleasant, it’s very clear-headed. I’m sitting there and I’m just doing all kinds of thinking. It’s puts me in a contemplative mood.

This herb would be very perfect for the kind of person who doesn’t want a “knock you off your ass” high, and would prefer something a little more subtle, something that will put them in the mood for just a nice conversation. I could go sit on the porch now and have hours of conversation. This feels very social, so for those situations, you would find this to be a good herb. If you’re looking to get couch locked, keep looking… this is not the herb for you.. and now [Jon stares off into space for a few seconds] Oh, I spaced out…

Now one last orange sickle hit cream… [laughs] this got me a little more stone than I expected. I forgot to mention this has a very strong creeper effect. The stone I had fifteen minutes ago is not the stone I’m having right now. Okay, we got the Orange Creamsicle high going on from Sessions Supply Co. Let’s take a last bong rip and go watch some fireworks. [Filmed on the Fourth of July]

As always, visit our website at redbenchreviews.com and get the complete rundown of this strain.

Until next time, best of health.


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The Low Down

StrainOrange Creamsicle
GeneticsOrange Crush X Juicy Fruit
BrandSessions Supply Co.
Location PurchasedDesert’s Finest – Desert Hot Springs, CA
THC Level20.97
Purchase Weight3.5 grams – 1/8 oz
Actual Weight3.43
Look & Feel
PackagingGlass Jar in Box
ColorMedium Green
FreshnessWell Cured
TouchLight Sticky
Look & Feel Rating4
Look & Feel ImpressionsNice Jar presentation. Impressive nugs in very good shape after being in the jar 7 months. Sealed and well labeled.
Base SmellSour
Secondary SmellsFruity, Citrus
Strength – SmellPronounced
Smell Rating4
Smell ImpressionThe orange is strong in this one.
Flavor – OtherPrickly Pear, Tangerine, Grapefruit
Smoke TextureLight, Smooth
Strength – TasteMellow
Taste Rating3.5
Taste ImpressionsWasn’t expecting prickly pear?!?
How Much Injested?5 hits
Speed of OnsetCreeper
Where Do You Feel It?Head
Main EffectsCerebral, Relaxing, Contemplative
Strength – EffectsMellow
Duration30-45 mintues
Effects Rating3.5
Effects ImmpressionA very pleasant high, settles nicely in the brain. Social herb.
Pros1. Great presentation
2. Good sized nugs
3. Mellow high
Cons1. Lacks a punch
1. Weighed light
Total Rating3.75
Total Rating – Why?A very good commercial herb.
Would I buy this again?Probably not

SCALE – 1 (Poor) 2 (Average) 3 (Very Good) 4 (Exceptional) 5 (Holy Grail)


Sessions Supply Co.


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