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The Review

CBD Sunday- 2021 | Episode #14 | Soulflower | Remedy

Several weeks ago a very classy looking pre-rolled hemp cigar was put in my hands to review. The brand was Soulflower, and the kind person giving me the cigar was the manager of Next Level Vape in Yucca Valley. She was interested in my honest opinion of this hemp product so she could decide whether to carry the product or not. I was happy to oblige, and promised to give the hemp cigar a fair review.

The cigar is wrapped in palm leaf, which is a healthier alternative to rolling a blunt in tobacco leaves.

This was my first time smoking anything rolled in a palm leaf, and I actually had to look it up to make sure this was a regular thing. Believe me, it is… my eyes have been opened to a whole new realm of the smoking world! Just a quick internet search introduced me a handful of brands that make palm leaf cones – pre-rolled, and ready to stuff full of your favorite smoking herb!

Inside the cigar is two grams of ground up California grown hemp flower of a strain called Remedy. This strain is the cross of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk and was specially bred as a medical strain. This strain is said to have strong anti-inflammatory properties and the number one reason I saw in my research that people chose this strain is to help with depression. It’s also supposed to be helpful alleviating the daily aches and pains.

Because I happen to be having a day with numerous aches and pains, not to mention issues with depression, this was a perfect day to try out Remedy and see if it was everything it was said to be.

I should also mention that the label said this cigar had Delta-8 THC.

I’ve never smoked hemp with Delta-8 added, so that was something I was interested to see how that would feel.

The cigar came in a thick plexiglass tube with a child-proof lid and a tamper-evident ring. I opened it and took the pre-roll out to inspect it. Palm leaf, imagine that, I thought and gave the cigar a dry hit. The taste was sweet with a bit of berry flavor, like a nice dessert strain of herb.

Using my hemp wick I lit the cigar, taking care to make sure it was burning evenly all around. The first hit was sooo smooth, like a perfect hit. There was a slight sage flavor mixed in with the hemp flower that I assumed was the palm leaf and only added to the delicious quality of the hit.

I took another hit, and then another… this is a palm leaf wrap? I thought, completely delighted by the smooth smoke and the slow burning cigar. I took hit after satisfying hit, as my mind started thinking about how I need to get some palm leaf pre-roll cones! I want a whole box of these cigar, one for every evening when the work day is done!

It was about this time that the subtle effects of the Remedy started to show up. The strain is an Indica-leaning herb and has a classic creeper effect, taking ten to fifteen minutes before I realized how chill the herb was making me. My body aches and pains dissipated, my depression slipped into the background and I was at peace with the world. And I was only halfway through the cigar…

I thought for a second that I’d just put it out – after all, I had smoked at least a gram at this point. But then I took another hit and decided I was going to smoke this one to the end – which I did! And it was great all the way!

The Wrap Up

You can expect a future review of the different brands of palm leaf wraps, because my eyes have been opened to something wonderful – big, fat blunt-size palm leaf cigars! You can get the palm leaf cones in sizes from small “rollies” that hold a half gram to XXL King Size that hold 5 grams! Oh my! I’ll be rolling one of those up for the big “after COVID” party…

I found Remedy to be a nice strain, but nothing really special when it comes to effects that are strongly noticeable. Remedy is definitely for the person who wants good body comfort without anything resembling a high. CBD herb often gives me a “high” so this one was noticeable that it didn’t. I know this is just what some people are looking for.

This cigar get a solid thumbs up, and I would definitely buy this as a special occasion smoke – more often when I can afford it! Of course, now I’m wise to the existence of palm leaf cones, more likely, I’ll be rolling my own hemp cigars, at least I’m going to give that a try.

Until later, best of health.

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June 14, 2021 11:32 pm

Great review, it looks like you got one of our early releases based on the label. check us out at soulflowerhemp.com.