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CBD Sunday – 2021 | Episode #21 | The Hemp Barn | CBD Hash

This week I took a look at some CBD Hash I got from The Hemp Barn. This is old-school style hash made in the dry-shift style. The herb was sifted through tight mesh screens to collect all the kief, then the kief was pressed into slabs of hash. This method of making hash comes from Morocco and is a centuries old technique.

Here in Southern California we don’t get much of the old-school hash. There are a ton of concentrates, but they’re mostly aimed at consumers who like to dab. I haven’t gotten into dabbing – yet. Still, I always keep my eyes open for old-fashion styles of hash because it’s like an exotic animal you hope to catch a glimpse of, but rarely see.

Hash has a long history, and humans have been making it for ages. There are many styles of hash, usually named after the region that produces it – Afghani, Nepalese, Moroccan, Charas, Kashmiri, Lebanese and more… theses diverse styles of hash runs from dry, brittle bricks of pressed kief to thick, gooey, dark balls of temple hash. Each style presents a whole new experience with unique highs, aromas, and textures.

Here’s a link to a web page with all kinds of interesting info about different styles of hash: https://druglibrary.org/MedicalMj/hash/guide_to_the_different_types_of_.htm

My first experience with hash was back in 1985. There was an extended dry period during the summer where it was impossible to find cannabis flowers. My dealer scrambled and got a bunch of black Afghani hash, which I smoked all summer long. I loved it – I missed smoking the flowers, but I really got into the hash. Ever since that year hash has had a special place in my heart.

Over the years I’ve had way too few opportunities to sample the variety of great hashes from around the world. Southern California has some of the best herb, but old-school hash making never has taken off here, nor has this been a big market for hash. I dream of that changing, because when my depression gets very bad nothing works like a chunk of good Afghani hash. Plus, I love the taste of hash – which is a unique flavor unto itself – earthy, spicy, and almost medicinal. The smoke from hash is especially oily and heady. A sesh with a half gram of good THC hash will, absolutely, alter your head space.

With all this hash history in my background, I was very curious when I was shopping at The Hemp Barn’s website and I saw they had Moroccan style dry-sift hash! CBD Hash?! What would that be like? The webite said the hash tested at 33.09% CBD, higher that anything I’ve ever smoked. I ordered a gram, which was just over $10 and waited expectantly!

The Look and Smell

The hash came in a small, white plastic container about as big as a quarter and about ¾ of an inch thick, and sealed with a clear plastic seal.

Opening the container revealed several pieces of the pressed hash, it looked like a nice gram (actual weight – 1.03 grams). The aroma was that distinct hash smell with hints of some tropical fruit flavors. This hash came from the kief of a strain called Pineapple. The dry-sift style keeps more of the aromas of the original plant better than many other styles.

The hash was pliable but solid and I cut it up with my scissors into small little chunks.

Usually when I smoke hash I put down a small bed of flower in the bowl and load some hash on top of the flower, but for this review I went with straight hash in the bong. This may not be the best method for smoking hash, but this is how I went about it for the review. (Serious hash smoking is a science unto itself…)

The Taste and Effects

This hash is a smoker’s delight! The taste is hashy, but the first flavors I noticed were sweet and fruity. The smoke was smooth, both on the inhale and the exhale. I took a second hit and already I could feel the effects starting.

The high came on with a very Indica feel – lidded eyes, thick body comfort and a kind of centering. Mentally, it was if I had just entered a smoky room with dim lights. There was a sedative effect of things slowing down, and after a few minutes I was thinking that this hash really blurs the line between what is psychoactive and what is not. I know CBD isn’t suppose to be psychoactive… but in high enough doses… hmmm.

That smoky room feel lasted for about five to ten minutes and then faded into straight up body comfort. Each time I took a hit I felt the smoky room feeling come back, hovering around me for a bit then dissipating. The short, brief, intense periods after taking a hit were really great, and reminded me of THC hash, but the effects didn’t last very long. After about twenty minutes after smoking I could feel lots of body comfort, but practically no head high.

The Wrap Up

All in all, the initial high is very reminisce to smoking a good Indica, but it is not overwhelming. A smoking novice could easily get into smoking some of this hash and have a good time.

I smoked about half the gram on my first test of this hash, and in retrospect I found that I spent most of the high looking for that THC hash kind of experience. But this is different than THC hash in that it left me very clear headed when I was looking for the fuzzy thinking a hash buzz usually gives me. When I smoked again the next day I knew what I was getting into, and the high seemed much better and to last longer…. it also seemed extra fuzzy. I don’t know if this was because I smoked from my pipe instead of my bong – I think more research is needed here!

That gram went way too fast! I’m going to buy some more of this right away because the body comfort levels are just the medicine I need at certain times. At $11 a gram, I’m stocking up!

Until later, best of health.

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