I never expect much from vaping cannabis oil from a cartridge. I catch a buzz, but I love the full effects of smoking the flower. Vape cartridges are often like the “light” version of smoking to me. The draw is never quite like a pipe hit, and the effects never as strong either.

I always have a vape pen with a cartridge loaded when I go out, so I can catch a light buzz while I’m on the road. I love my vape pen when traveling, but it doesn’t ever – no matter what brand of cartridge I’ve bought – pack the same punch as smoking flower from my pipe or bong. And I never expect it to…

Well, that changed today – let me tell you about my experience with The Sauce Bar from Sauce Essentials. This disposable vape cartridge redefined my expectations.

[Disclaimer: This product was provided by Sauce Essentials in exchange for an honest review]

The packaging was stylish, informative and well-designed – I thought it was a chocolate edible for some reason when I first glanced at the product box. Little did I know what a powerhouse of stoniness was enclosed in the small, thin box.

Inside the box was a sticker and a small, resealable package that contained a flat and rectangular pinkish-orange object. I opened the package up, and was greeted by a faint, sweet odor. Inside was a small, aluminum-cased device, that could have been easily mistaken for an extra-long thumb drive or some Apple product.

The device was very understated and discrete feeling. The strain name was printed on the side of the case and the logo was printed at the bottom – that’s all. Subtle, low-key, and with just the information you need when you’re on the go – including two windows on the sides to see what your oil level is. It has no buttons and all you do is inhale from the small opening on the top. The sleek Sauce Bar weighed in at just over 18 grams, and contained a full gram of live resin.

The Sauce Bar comes in ten different strains, and the one I got to review was Zkittles. It came with a pre-charged battery so all I had to do was open the package and start inhaling. Seriously the easiest cannabis delivery system I’ve ever encountered.

The packaging recommends taking a five second inhale. I took that advice, and the hit was full and satisfying for a vape hit. The packaging also says that the cartridge contains 600 of those five second hits.

Well, based on my past experience with cartridges I wasn’t expecting much from the hit, so I took about three. After the third flavorful hit I sat in my chair – more like nailed to my chair – as the effect was near dab-like. The packaging said this contained over 88% THC. I believe they are sharing accurate lab results. This is strong stuff! The high was a heavy Indica buzz mixed with a pleasant sense of well-being with lots of body comfort.

Let’s talk about the terpenes in this one. Very tasty – sweet, but not overly sweet and with an earthy bottom. The flavor was subtle and tasted like real herb, not like the flavor was added to the oil to make it taste like Zkittles. The terpenes were listed on the package at 4.9%, and this cartridge was probably the best tasting cartridge I’ve had the pleasure to try.

I tried this Sauce Bar while watching a hockey game on TV, and got immediately lost in the game, stoned and deeply involved in the action. I would take about three hits every half hour and stayed at an incredibly stoned level. The vape was very steath as my wife mentioned that she never even noticed I had taken hits because there was little to no odor.

Notes – the Zkittles cart will give you red eyes! I was blazed by the end of the hockey game and anyone probably would have guessed I was well-stoned. One other last note about The Sauce Bar – it is rechargeable – it has a USB port in the base so you can recharge if necessary and get every last hit from the cartridge.

All in all, I am sold on The Sauce Bar and I will be looking for this brand in the future. The only problem will be deciding which strain to try next… White Widow, Granddaddy Purp, Ghost Train Haze, King Kush, Strawberry Cough, Gelato, Aloha Express, Apple Fritter or Blueberry Kush!

Until later, best of health.


Where to find this product: Sauce Essentials

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September 29, 2022 9:17 am

Hey can anyone tell me if this product will show up in a drug screen 🤔

July 10, 2022 10:38 am

My sauce bar died on me before I even got halfway through it so I’d say it’s a waste of money 💸

April 22, 2022 11:50 pm

What about this “smart heating” tech? What does that mean?

D Dad
Reply to  Bryson
June 25, 2022 7:44 am

It means smart heating, if you would get out of poplarville now and then you would understand!