How many times have you experienced a great herb during a sesh, only to forget about it several weeks down the road, and you find yourself wondering, “What was that herb again…” it happens to all of us, and that’s why I’ve created The Sesh Journal.

The Sesh Journal is a simple book of forms that help you review, judge, or remember the herb you’ve smoked.

With spaces to record the Look and Feel, the Smell, the Taste and the Effects, you’ll be able to create an accurate record of all your seshes. In the front of the book is a convenient indexing system to help you find the sesh info you’re looking for quickly!

Are you going herb shopping and want to pick up that special herb again… the information to remember the low down on the herb is at your fingertips!

As a herb reviewer I use my Sesh Journal constantly. The forms in this book are how I assess and judge an herb. This coil-bound journal contains enough pages to record up to 60 seshes.