Today’s Sesh With Jon | 2.11.2021 | In The Bubba Zone

Right now I’ve got a fresh bowl of Bubba Kush, the hemp flower version, loaded up in the bong – and I’m ready to get this sesh started… let’s get into the Bubba Zone!

I love Bubba Kush! If you saw my recent video review of the CBD version of the strain, you know that Bubba is one of my favorites, it’s a strain I’ll always pick up when I see it. Bubba has a certain feel to it that is so comfortable and well-balanced, it always gives me a lift and a smile on my face.

I was so happy to discover a few months ago that the hemp version of Bubba still retains that familiar feel of the cannabis flower, and I’ve been trying Bubba from different sources, looking for the best Bubba Kush! It’s becoming my standard for testing hemp companies’ products… show me your Bubba!

As you might already know, whenever I have Bubba around it becomes my go-to herb… well, I just got an ounce of Bubba Kush, all small buds, in the mail Tuesday from Cheef Botanicals. Wednesday I was in the Bubba Zone all afternoon and evening – smoking nothing but this delicious Bubba Kush all day long! Let me tell you about some of my impressions…

The Look, Smell, and Taste

This hemp flowers came in at 12.951% CBD, with just a small touch of THC. The ounce was packaged in a flavor-sealed bag, and had several humidity packs inside that kept the herb very fresh until I open it. This was the biggest flavor-sealed bag I’d ever encountered, and it was full of air that kept the bag from squishing and damaging the herb inside. Looking through the clear front of the bag I could see the smalls looked fresh and I couldn’t wait to tear the bag open and smell the herb.

Sweet, deeply earthy, and kushy with a hint of hash! What?! I smelled the bag again, and it smelled just like well-cured Bubba Kush! I looked at the bag in amazement because I had paid just $45 for this ounce, and even though the bag was filled with small buds, it smelled like premium herb!

A note on the price – I used a 30% off promo that arrived in my email from Cheef. Sign up for Cheef’s newsletter on their website, and you too can get deals like that! The regular price for this ounce was $65 – an amazing price for this much herb, even without the discount!

I usually pay around $45 for an eighth of cannabis – so you can imagine the money-saving visions dancing in my head. I mean, this is a great price for an ounce, and if it delivers – I’ve scored! But if it tastes like crap and doesn’t provide the right feel – it’s a waste of money. Well, I was willing to gamble and possibly take one for the team because I’d just smoked some herb from Cheef recently, their Northern Lights, and it was great! I had high expectations…

I pulled a couple of nugs from the bag and was immediately impressed. Nice and fresh, dense nugs. Not larfy buds, but really solid smalls of quality herb! The trim was good and not many sugar leaves to be found. When I cut up the first nug the cure was just right and the aroma of earthy kushy hash jumped up from the tray. I quickly loaded up a bowl and got to work.

The first bong rip made me smile. That was the Bubba flavor I was looking for! Just like the smell, the flavor was sweetly earthy, full of kushy flavors. This is the “comfort food” of herb, for sure. I could just keep smoking this one all day. Seriously. Literally.

The Effects

I smoked through the first bowl and the fuzzies started to fill my body. Ah, the delightfully comfortable fuzzies! I had so much herb in front of me when I poured the ounce out on the tray – that I thought, what the heck, and loaded up a second bowl, even though the effects were coming on strong.

I barely made it through the second bowl – I was STONED! Seriously. My eyes were heavily lidded, I was fuzzy from head to toe, I had happy, euphoric thoughts as I sat at the Red Bench, fully saturated in the most comfortable buzz I could imagine. Yeah, that delivers! I thought, and then some…

When the effects fully hit me about ten minutes later they were nicely heavy, almost too heavy and I realized I had started a little too enthusiastically on that first sesh. Don’t let the moderate CBD levels fool you, this one will pack a punch! I decided to go easier next time and stay on Bubba’s good side. From that point forward I only took three or four hits at any one sitting – and that put me right into the sweet spot I call the Bubba Zone.

The Bubba Zone is what I like to call that mental and physical space of fuzzy body comfort, with a happy head buzz and the get-up-and-go feel that Bubba Kush produces. The tough part of staying in the Bubba Zone is making sure I don’t smoke too much and get couch-locked, and that’s hard when I have an ounce of premium tasting herb right in front of me, believe me.

The Wrap Up

So, going into Wednesday I was curious – would this be a satisfying herb to smoke all day, and would it help with my depression? I’d woken up yesterday with the depression worse then the day before, and Tuesday had been awful. Ugh! My body felt ill, and I was in a gray funk. As I started into my second cup of coffee I took my first few hits of Bubba.

I was just three hits in, and I was already feeling better… almost human. Later on I took a few more hits and within no time I entered the Bubba Zone. The gray funk dissipated for a while, and when it would return I’d just re-up on a few more hits, and I’d be back in the zone!

The Bubba kept me satisfied all day as an herb smoker… I never got the urge to smoke one of the cannabis strains I have on hand – and I have a couple great ones right now – for an extra THC blast. Instead, I just wanted to stay in that sweet Bubba Zone. And I’m guessing, I’ll probably do the same thing today.

So, $45 for an ounce – looks like that gamble paid off and I scored! I’ll be smoking happily for weeks for mere pennies a bowl, and those money-saving visions are dancing in my head – thank you Cheef Botanicals!

Until later, best of health.

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