Today’s Sesh With Jon | 2.6.2021 | Smokin’ The Mochi

I’ve been walking around our cabin saying, “Mochi, Mochi, Mochi!” One reason is that the word feels so good to say out loud – and the other is because yesterday I got an eighth of a strain from the local delivery service called Mochi. I fell in love with this delightful herb as soon as I opened the container the nugs came in – and the aroma hit me… I knew I was looking at an herb I wanted to review A.S.A.P!

I’m going to take a couple hits of Mochi, and let’s get this sesh started…


Before we jump into this strain, let me point out that Mochi is the name for a Japanese rice cake. This post is, of course, about the cannabis strain called Mochi – so if you showed up here looking for rice cakes, I invite you to stick around while we talk about cannabis Mochi!

Mochi is a cross of Thin Mints GSC and Sunset Sherbet and is reported to be a 50/50 hybrid. The delivery service told me that this Mochi had really big buds… they had just made a delivery of a half ounce that consisted of only three buds. Seriously large colas.

My nugs were a healthy size for an eighth, very well-trimmed and smelled pungently aromatic in a way that had me wondering, for a bit – what was that certain smell in there? I smelled an ice cream sweetness, an earthy dankness that reminded me of coffee, and… something else. I finally nailed down as a minty smell, which I haven’t come across too much in cannabis.

The herb was very well-cured and the dense nugs cut up like a dream. I could of just sat there in the cloud of danky sweetness rising up from the tray for a long while. I often feel like doing that when the herb smells this amazing – so I just sit for a bit, hovering over the tray, and inhale the delicious aromas. Do you ever do that?

The first hit was full of a sweetness – a light sweetness – like eating kettle corn. Underneath the sweet taste was an earthy flavor, but again, on the light side. The smoke had a very gentle flavoring that was quite pleasant on the tongue. The smoke was smooth, and medium to light in thickness. It had just enough body to be satisfying, and rarely caused me to cough, even when taking a huge hit.

The effects of this strain are all about comfort. It only took a few hits to bring on large amounts of relaxation to my mind and body. Have you ever smoked Bubba Kush? This is like Bubba – with a lift.

Bubba has huge amounts of body comfort and the marijuana fuzzies – it’s one of my favorite medical strains and one that I smoke just to get into that sweet Bubba zone. Mochi had the Bubba feel, plus there was a strong “get up a do stuff” component to the high. And that’s what happened – I got up and did stuff – every time I smoked the Mochi.

I have to note – about an hour after the sesh with Mochi I got serious munchies… which I called the Mochi Munchies. These munchies hit me nearly every time I smoked this strain, and I don’t get the munchies that often from cannabis.

In general, the arc of the high was very smooth – the buzz from the high came on rather gently, rode comfortably along for over an hour, hit me with the munchies and would have just faded away I suppose, but I wanted to re-up on a few more hits – so yum! This was a great herb for taking a hit or two every hour to keep a nice, pleasant state of mind and body going… I got some good writing done while doing that, and I found this to be a very good working herb.

I am definitely going to be buying more Mochi from the local delivery service and soon! I imagine they’ll sell out of this herb real fast once the word gets out how good it is. I hadn’t heard of this strain before it showed up on the menu, and now I’m a fan, for sure. Has anyone else had experience with Mochi? What were your thoughts on this strain?

Now it’s time for a few more hits of Mochi, and then let’s talk about the name change…

The Name Change

2021 has been very busy for us – we’ve created ten video reviews so far this year – five hemp videos and five cannabis videos! That’s quite a lot of time spent on writing, filming, editing – and I haven’t had the time for Jon’s Daily Sesh like I would want to. Jon’s Daily Sesh has turned into “Jon’s Occasional Sesh” 😉 and that has prompted us to change the name of these posts.

So welcome to Today’s Sesh With Jon – the content will still stay the same as before, but now the name will reflect the occasional nature of these posts. As we move forward I’d love to know what part of my posts people have enjoyed most – the herb reviews, the smoking tips and tricks, the trips down memory lane, my ramblings about marijuana culture?

I just want to point out at this moment how much I appreciate all of you reading these posts, joining me on this cannabis adventure. The emails and comments I receive are like gold to me!

2021 will be all about making our video reviews the best they can be… weekly we think of new ways to make improvements and create better videos.

We are on a journey, a quest, a search – for the Holy Grail of herb – thank you for joining us!

Until later, best of health.

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February 6, 2021 4:32 am

Mochi seems to be pretty tasty. I enjoy herb that has a mint undertone to it. Keep up the great work Jon. I always love reading your reviews, checking out your videos, and learning more about the entire cannabis culture.