Today’s Sesh with Jon | 3.1.2021 | The Grinder – Part I: Why The Scissors?

Since we started filming our video reviews last year I’ve been asked more than a few times why I don’t use a grinder – why do I cut up my herb with scissors?

Grinders are pretty much standard equipment for any serious herb smoker today, having gained in popularity over the last couple of decades – moving from the kitchen to the stash box. The first herb grinder was invented in 1905 by a pair of men from Austria, William Wingfield and John Balding. They invented it to grind up, you know, kitchen herbs… I’m pretty sure they had no idea that over a hundred years later their invention would become a tool used by millions of cannabis enthusiasts around the world to grind up nugs of cannabis.

Down Memory Lane

I’ve had four grinders since I got my first wooden one over fifteen years ago. That grinder was horrible, and was only good at mangling my herb, but it was a step up from tearing the herb apart with my fingers, which I had been doing since I started smoking back in 1983. Back then I didn’t understand about the delicate trichomes and how to handle the herb with respect. The only goal was to break up the herb, and sticky fingers was an expected outcome – not realizing that the best parts of the herb were ending up on my fingers.

I got a freebie plastic grinder when I registered with a medical marijuana collective in 2008, and it replaced my wooden model. I used that one until the day I noticed the plastic teeth were wearing down – yikes! That plastic could only be going one place, and that was into the herb, then into the smoke and into my lungs – yes, I was properly freaked out!

After the freebie I decided to invest in a decent metal grinder and over the next couple of years I owned several. I was dedicated to using my grinders until the day a good friend came over to smoke a joint. He tried using my best grinder and declared that it was a piece of crap – all it was doing was crushing my herb because the teeth had become dull. He asked if I had a pair of scissors he could use instead. I had a pair of trimming scissors, so I got those for him… my friend deftly cut up the herb and rolled a superior joint – and from that moment forward I’ve been using trimming scissors to cut up my herb.

As I got used to using the scissors I was pleasantly surprised how close to the herb they made me feel – and I could really tell how good the cure of the herb was just from a single cut. At the time I was volunteering at collectives in Long Beach, taking photos of herb and building websites. I was going through a complete change in my understanding of the herb and learning how to handle it properly –how to respect this great plant. Herb went from being “weed” to being “medical marijuana”.


Fast forward to this year, and I am still going through my own personal evolution as an herb enthusiast. Just this last year I discovered hemp, and it has really changed my smoking game. I also went through a mental sea change in my feelings toward rolling and smoking joints, embracing the great tradition of smoking a fatty.

It is because of my changed feeling about joints, and the availability of high quality hemp at low prices that had me looking grinders once again… let me explain. Using scissors to cut up herb fine enough to roll a great joint takes a lot of patience and work. I have no problem cutting up a nug to load it up in the bong or pipe, but a nice fat joint takes more herb, and it needs to be cut up finer. My poor hands get worn out halfway through the process.

This last month I got an ounce of Bubba Kush smalls from Cheef Botanicals for an incredibly low price, and when the herb arrived I was a bit daunted by the prospect of cutting up all those hemp flowers. I definitely needed an upgrade in my herb processing abilities.

So I started doing an online investigation to find the best, mid-priced grinder currently on the market. I spent several days pouring over reviews and customer testimonials, getting a feel for what is available these days. My, they sure have evolved since I bought my last one over a decade ago, and there are an amazing amount to choose from…

The grinder I settled on was the Kozo 2.5” grinder, which I ordered on for just over twenty dollars.

I choose this one based on customer reviews, looks, price and my gut feelings. The new grinder arrived a week ago, and since then I’ve been using it a lot – tune in tomorrow as I discuss my experience with this Kozo grinder…

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March 1, 2021 6:32 pm

I have to admit I’ve been interested in trying the scissors on my herb ever since I first started watching your reviews. It definitely makes sense that it would keep more of the trichomes in-tact. I also notice that it helps you to get a true feel for the cure as well.

March 1, 2021 1:18 pm

Really enjoyed that, thanks for taking the time. Love your videos!