Today’s Sesh with Jon | 3.15.2021 | Thoughts Like Smoke…

The Lies Go On

“This is a dangerous drug that will impact our kids,” Pete Ricketts, the governor of Nebraska spouted on Wednesday – “If you legalize marijuana, you’re gonna kill your kids. That’s what the data shows from around the country.”

I would like to tell Governor Ricketts to shut up and sit down!

This is 2021 and the data is in – cannabis has NEVER killed anyone, ever! We all know this, everyone who isn’t extremely anti-marijuana knows this, and yet we still have idiots like the governor spouting nonsense. The governor is lying – straight up. Why can’t people like this be shamed for lying? We have enough misinformation in this world without self-serving individuals like Ricketts adding to the mental pollution.

This is just one of the many thoughts floating through my mind like smoke these days. I read about the Nebraska governor the other day and it just infuriated me. Sure, I should just ignore this kind of BS, it would be better for my mental health, but some days I’ve just had it with these lies about the plant we love so much. It bothered me enough that here I am, writing about it…

My bias is obviously pro-cannabis. I live a cannabis-positive lifestyle. I smoke herb everyday for health and well-being. I spend much of my time thinking about the herb because doing reviews keeps me pretty busy. But despite my pro-cannabis stance I still want to live as an honest, truthful individual, even when it comes to the herb.

With that in mind, I’d like to ask the governor to show us his data. If this herb I love is really that dangerous, I’ll change my opinion about the smoke I intake regularly. But, on the flip side, is the governor willing to change his opinion – because reality-based data shows that cannabis is truly as beneficial as we believe?

If not, then, as I said, the governor should just shut up and sit down.

Metaphysical Smoking

But let’s leave Ricketts behind for a moment and jump sideways to a different train of thought…

What is in this smoke I’m taking into my body? I thought about that this morning while having a sesh with some uplifting Sour Diesel followed by a few hits of Grape Pie. I know the scientists have broken down a lot of the chemical makeup of the herb – THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, the terpenes, etc. – they know a lot about how they interact, and they’re learning more all the time.

That is how we do science in this era, we reduce compounds down to the basic elements and try and understand these elements. Then we build new compounds based on what we learned. But does this get to the heart of cannabis and what is going on in my complete self – my psyche, my soul, my body, my mind, my heart?

As I was enjoying the herb shifting my thinking I wondered how the herb would be understood by a different kind of science… a science of consciousness?

What if, and I hope you can follow me down this rabbit hole, I was actually taking in the consciousness of the plant into myself when I smoked? What if everything we ingest actually contains some of the dispersed consciousness of the plant or animal? If you’re familiar with the magic mushroom experience you might have already headed down this path of thinking. This is actually the basis for the idea of communion, as Jesus taught it – eating His body and drinking His blood. Billions of humans practice this belief on a regular basis.

What if smoking the herb invites the spirit of the plant into your body to commune with your spirit? To some cultures this would not be a strange idea. I don’t mean this in a “demon possession” kind of way, nor to I mean this to sound scary, but what if there is more to the plant than we can understand through our current scientific paradigms. What if the high we feel is the plant sharing it’s essence, it’s spirit, it’s consciousness?

I mean, if scientists dissected me and broke me down to my basic elements they would know a lot about my chemical make-up but nothing about who I am as a living person. They would never know what it’s like to hang out with me and have a sesh. That is only something that happens when consciousnesses gather together and commune.

For me, I have a strong intuitive feeling that smoking the herb is more than just putting chemicals in my body. I believe I am communing with a very kind and gentle herb whom I’ve known and loved for 39 years this month.

Because of this I have a strong desire to constantly be thankful for this plant that literally gives it’s life so I can have mental and physical peace. I find that gratitude makes my highs better. I find that respecting the herb makes for a better set and setting as I prepare to commune with my friend. And because I love the high, I’ve allowed the herb to alter me over the years into the mellow guy I am today… all good things!

Back Around Again

Maybe the kind of thoughts I just expressed, communing with plant spirits, is just the kind of thing that scares Pete Ricketts. I mean, something about marijuana must scare him… either that, or he’s just a bold-faced liar. I invite him and all others in his same boat to become educated about this plant and lose the ignorance. We don’t need fearful and ignorant leaders. And we certainly don’t need anymore liars.

Fact – cannabis is not going away! For all I know in ten years this whole industry could be driven underground once again – but it’ll never go away. Too many people feel just like I do about this miracle plant for that to happen.

But the way things look now, Pete Ricketts is falling into a smaller and smaller minority of people that hate the herb. Cannabis will continue to grow in popularity and become more ingrained in our social fabric because it is such a fantastic plant, and more people are learning that all the time.

Power to the Flower!

Until later, best of health.

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