Today’s Sesh with Jon | 3.2.2021 | The Grinder – Part II: The Kozo 2.5” Grinder

Yesterday I got into my background with grinders, and why I prefer to use trimming scissors to cut up my herb – my method of choice for years. But times change and so do our needs…

I had one major reason to order a grinder, and that was to grind up herb to load into cone joints – a rather new fascination of mine. I like big, fat joints, and it takes way too long to cut up the herb needed with my scissors, and the cut isn’t a fine as I would like. This causes the joints to go out prematurely, I’ve noticed. So, the goal for this grinder was the ability to effortlessly turn nugs of herb into perfect rolling material.

After much research and listening to my gut instincts, I ordered a Kozo 2.5” grinder, the aluminum colored one, off of for just under $22.00.

The grinder arrived in the mail and was packaged in a small box, just large enough to hold the grinder (wrapped in plastic), a sticker, and a small, smell-proof travel bag to transport the device.

I removed it from the plastic bag and washed it with warm soapy water, being very careful to avoid cutting myself on the sharp blades and let it air dry.

The grinder is a four part construction. It has a lid that has a strong magnet in the middle and circular rows of very sharp teeth. The main base also has rows of sharp teeth, and when the base and the lid are joined, held together by the strong magnet, I would hate to be a piece of herb caught between the rows of teeth.

There are holes in the base, between the teeth, for the ground herb to fall through to the compartment below.

The compartment below, which is roomy enough to hold a decent quantity of herb, has a mesh screen at the bottom so kief, the loose trichomes, can fall through and be collected in the base of the grinder. The whole device is crafted from heavy-duty aluminum and seems to be very solid and well-made. The pieces fit together in an intuitive fashion and it took me less than a minute to understand how the four pieces fit together. The outside of the grinder has good hand grips and the operation of the machine is very smooth – the pieces fit together perfectly.

Now that it was washed and dried, I gave the grinder it’s first test and loaded about a gram of Bubba Kush nugs on top the teeth on the main base and put the lid on top of the nugs. As I pushed the lid down I started to twist the pieces of the machine back and forth, feeling the resist of the nugs against the blades inside… and the nugs quickly lost the battle. In several seconds of twisting the resistance I was feeling quickly dropped off, and as the lid began to spin freely I guessed the process was done.

I opened the lid, which I have to comment is very securely held in place with the magnet – even turning the grinder upside down the lid stayed firmly in place. At least 95% of the ground herb had fallen through the holes in the main base, and I was greeted with the delightful aroma of freshly cut Bubba Kush.

I unscrewed the main base from the bottom and revealed the compartment that held the freshly ground herb, and it was full of herb as fluffy as fresh-fallen snow!

My old grinders never came close to this consistency – and I could never cut up herb this finely using my scissors. The Bubba was sticky, fluffy and fragrant as I poured the contents of the grinder out onto my tray.

I grabbed a paper cone from the package to get ready to load it up. I’ve been using a brand of cones called Vibes lately – their Ultra Thin version. I find the taste of the paper to be minimal with these ones…

With the herb ground up this fine it was pretty easy to load the herb into the paper and pack the cone. I’ve really gotten into preparing cones for smoking lately, it’s a very meditative way to get ready to smoke… and using this ground-up herb made the process easier all along the way. So far this grinder was looking like a winner, but the truth is in the smoking, so I stepped out onto the patio and lit the fatty up.

Because I’ve been smoking my way through this ounce of Bubba Kush for several weeks, I wasn’t surprised as the effects hit me pretty quickly… for a CBD herb, this one packs a delightful punch! Tania and I talked as I smoked the joint, and as I got more stoned there were periods where the joint just hung out in my fingers for long moments… and it stayed lit. Once, towards the end of the joint it went out on me, but I was well toasted by that point and just put the roach in the ashtray. The joint was a success, and I’d have to say, so is this grinder!

The consistency of the ground up herb has been fantastic on all the strains I’ve tried at this point, including some very sticky Lava Cake. Effortlessly the nugs have been transformed into fluffy piles of herb which burns very evenly. So far I’ve tried the ground up herb in my pipe, my bong and rolled into joints – and in every case the herb has burned very well, evenly and thoroughly.

The Wrap Up

Well, I’m still a scissors guy, and you’ll still see me using them in our video reviews in the future. I love cutting up small amounts of herb with my scissors – it’s very personal, intimate, and makes me feel more connected to the herb. When I get a new strain to try out, it’s still one of the best way to get a feel for the cure of the herb, in my opinion.

But I’ve added a new tool to my collection of herb paraphernalia. The ounce of Bubba looks a lot less daunting and will be easier to process. I’m rolling fatties with abandon, and loving the ease with which this grinder just powers through a gram of herb in seconds.

Now that I’ve been using the grinder for a week there is a bit of residue building up on area where the lid meets the main base. A little rubbing alcohol should clean that up, no problem. On the maintenance side, this thing comes apart very easily and can be cleaned by soaking it overnight in a baggie filled with the rubbing alcohol I just mentioned. I use 91% Isopropyl alcohol for all my cleaning needs related to the herb… it removes resin, tars and other herb gunk up in no time. I always have a bottle on hand.

I heartily recommend this grinder. I look forward to using it for years to come, it certainly seems built well enough to stand the test of time – definitely a five star purchase.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I have some herb to grind up and a fatty to roll…

Until later, best of heath.

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