Today’s Sesh with Jon | 3.20.2021 | Stones – That’s A Spicy Gummie!

Well, I’m about forty-five minutes into a THC gummie experience and I have been feeling the effects build for the last twenty minutes. If you’ve familiar with edibles you know that’s a very fast onset – less than a half hour before the first effects started to be noticeable… and right now they are coming on strong with a Sativa-like, lifting and energizing effect. Let me tell you about these Stones gummies from GrowPacker

[Note: The product for this review was supplied by the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review.]

Let’s Talk About Edibles…

I’ve been using edibles for over two years… I make my own chocolates using Ghirardelli melting wafers and a THC distillate I get from my local delivery service. When I’m having a hard day I take doses of about 50mg of THC at a time, and they help immensely with the physical and mental issues I experience from depression. They are a lifesaver and I don’t know how I would survive without them.

Here’s the thing about edibles – it’s a totally different experience from smoking the herb…

If you are looking for that powerful rush that smoking a strong herb can give, then edibles are definitely not for you. The edible experience is often more sublime, subtle and in the background, unless you take too big a dose. The body processes an edible completely differently from smoke, and transforms the THC into a different compound (11-hydroxy-THC) that can be stronger and longer-lasting than the effects of smoking.

Taking an edible is like taking medicine for me. I take my dose and go about my business. About an hour later I start feeling the effects kick in… and they continue for about three hours. I make a schedule and just re-up my dose regularly during the day. It’s a great way to maintain my sanity in spite of whatever the depression throws at me.

Edibles Made Easy

Here is the key to edibles – go slow, dose low! It may take a few tries to get the dosage right, but the word to the wise is start slow. Take a small dose and see how that effects you. I’m a veteran when it comes to edibles and I ALWAYS start slow and dose low on a new product I’ve never experienced before.

For instance, today I’m going to tell you about Stones, a “nano-infused” gummie, which means they take effect very quickly – within twenty to thirty minutes, whereas I often wait up to an hour for my homemade chocolate edibles to kick in… a definite improvement! I am used to 50mg doses of edibles and these gummies were 10mg each. I thought I could easily go with five gummies right out the door – but instead I only took three, and boy, am I glad I did! Five gummies would have slapped me silly!


While the Stones gummies were nicely dosed at 10mg a serving, there was no marking on the package to give me a hint of what to expect – Indica, Sativa?! Being the psychonaut that I am, I figured it was my job as a reviewer to figure these things out… so I slowly dosed up with my three gummies, savoring the flavor of these particular treats, wondering which direction these edibles would send me…

The flavor of these gummies was Watermelon-Chili Agates. Yum! Sweet with that wonderful artificial watermelon flavor that we all know and love, coated with a Mexican chili that was mild to start, but kept on building in heat. After three gummies my face was sweating from the heat! Very impressive… the flavor combination was a winner, with it’s sweet and spicy mix.

When the gummies fully kicked in I had a beautiful ride that caused my mental and physical depression symptoms to dissipate, gave me a strong energy boost, and put me on track to a positive mindset – I, quite frankly, felt great!

I think it’s important to note here – just because three gummies feels great, doesn’t mean six gummies will feel better! Dosing too high on an edible can be an adventure, but if you find yourself in an uncomfortable place with an edible, just chill – because it will wear off in a few hours. I have personally dosed too high a few times when I didn’t follow my own advice, and while the moment was an adventure, it wore off after a while and once I had a nice sleep I was as good as new.

The most important thing to remember when getting into an edible is not to worry, not to be afraid of what might happen… edibles are actually a great way to experience the herb in a deep and sublime way. Just always remember – start slow and dose low.

The Lab Results Don’t Lie

I’m really impressed by these gummies by Stones… as I mentioned, after the first twenty minutes of feeling the effects build, the high evened out and headed straight to an uplifting body comfort. Having looked at the lab results, I have to say they nailed the THC levels nearly perfectly. Where as the package says 10mg per gummies, the lab results show that each gummie contained 9.996mg of THC… mark me impressed!

The Low Down

Here I am now, over four hours into my gummie experience and the buzz is starting to fade. I smoked some Indica-leaning CBD bud a short while ago and that’s started to mellow the strongly Sativa high I got from the gummies.

So, for the low down – quick onset, powerful Sativa buzz, great body comfort, and long-lasting with a unique flavor. These run about $10 a bag which contains ten gummies of 10mg each. That means that I got the last four hours of uplifting comfort and goodness for a mere $3… how great is that?! I’m definitely adding this to my list of items to buy whenever I see it!

Until later, best of health.

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