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Much like many other members of the Chemdog line, the origins of Chemdog 91 are shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it that the lineage was first cultivated by the illustrious East Coast breeder who also goes by the name of Chemdog, and some speculate it descends from a Thai landrace strain. Chemdog 91 is thought to be an offshoot of the original Chemdog strain, and the numerical addition of “91” is believed to reference the year the strain first came into existence.

Some growers believe Chemdog 91 to be a cross between Chemdog and Skunk, which may explain its particularly pungent aroma. In true family spirit, this hybrid has a very strong diesel smell with a piney-lemon aftertaste. Most Chemdog 91 crops tend to lean sativa, though you may find indica variants on some dispensary and retail shelves. Consumers should expect a cerebral buzz from this strain. – Leafly



[Based on the transcript of video, edited for clarity]

Welcome back to the red bench. It’s time for another Red Bench Review…

Today we’re looking at a strain called Chem 91, also called Chem Dawg 91 because it’s part of the Chem Dawg family. This strain is about 50% Sativa and 50% Indica… it’s a 50/50 strain, and it’s known for giving you a euphoric, uplifting high, a creative kind of high, a high that starts slow and builds. I’m curious to find out if this version of this strain [purchased at Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs] that we have from Tru Cali, which comes in at a 24.53 THC… we’re curious how this strain measures up against the legendary Chem 91. Let’s go take some close-ups and see how this batch looks…

Here is the Tru Cali jar. It’s a nice little glass jar.

It’s got the label on the top that tells you the information that you want [strain, THC content]. It’s got a little seal on the side… it a paper seal, so let’s break that seal and get into it. It says press down and turn, so we are pressing down and we are turning… as you can see it is a [flavor] sealed bottle.

Let’s smell this… I would call that a diesel smell with a hint of orange and a little bit of lemon. Two citrus smells combined underscoring a nice diesel smell. You know, that’s one of those smells you could just sit here and just smell all day just because… but we don’t want to just sit here all day and smell it, we want to look inside and see what we’ve got – so let’s pour this out on the tray.

We’ve got a couple really nice nugs here, a few smalls. They have a little bit of give… they’re a little leafy, solid but leafy. Oh let’s just smell that again… that just is so nice. I want to cut one of these up and put it in the bong… yum!

I’ve selected these two little guys as our ones to cut up… the feel on the scissors is very nice. That’s a nice cure on these… not dry, with just enough moisture so that you get a little bit of resistance to the scissors. Perfect. Oh that’s a delightful little pile… you put it down on the tray and it just seems like it moves a little bit on you, so you know that it’s really fresh.

So let’s put some of this in the bong… all right, let’s take a rip of this legendary Chem Dawg 91.

[first bong rip]

So smooth. A good cure… very good cure… oh nice, a little diesel taste that I expect… kind of gassy, it’s got a little bit of a citrus undertones in there… this is a 50% Sativa strain and a 50% Indica strain so I’m expecting the high to come in with a euphoric, uplifting high. Right now, all I’m just grooving on is the taste, which was really delightful. Let’s take another hit of this, and savor that taste again.

[another bong rip followed by a big cough]

That’s a good kind of cough where you know you took in a good hit. This bong works so clean, works so well. That was a good hit and right now it is just going to my head… just shooting up into my head with very little body effect at this moment other than my lungs kind of going “whoa dude, you just really coughed a lot,” and I’m all, “yeah, I know I did, sorry about that lungs, but we’ll get over this, okay, so…”

Oh my gosh, this is gonna be a good ride. I can already feel it. I’ve gotten on the express train. I’m gonna go think about this for about 10 minutes… I’ll write down some notes that you can read about at redbenchreviews.com after this is over, and find out about my rundown on this herb.

[ten minutes later]

Well I can say that this Tru Cali version of Chem 91 is definitely holding up to the legend of Chem 91. I’ve been sitting here for the last 10 minutes and the high, it started up here in my head. As I sat here, after a couple minutes, all of a sudden it’s sitting down here on my shoulders, and then it was in my chest and then it moved down to my gut… now, it’s down my legs… it’s moving down my legs. I think it’s gonna end up at my feet and probably bounce back… I don’t know where this is gonna go. This is a really nice ride… I can’t believe that I just picked this up for 35 dollars. This is just such a good ride for 35 dollars. I would definitely go back and buy this again. I would recommend this to you. Tru Cali, good job.

[gives a thumbs up]

The high on this is really wonderful… I’m feeling creative, I’m feeling relaxed and creative and motivated at the same time. I’m ready to get up from the red bench. I’m ready to go relax, be social, be talkative… hang out with my love for a couple hours and just shoot the shoot the breeze, because this is a really nice high. I would encourage you to check it out.

I’m going to take one last bong rip and sit here and just enjoy this a little bit longer… l can’t believe it… such good herb is being grown these days. We are very fortunate to live in this time [not counting the coronavirus] because I’ve been there when it wasn’t like this, and this is really nice delightful…

[Jon takes another bong rip]

Diesel. Citrus. Lemon. Smooth… this has been a very enjoyable to review to do… when you come across a strain like this that has all the components that you’re looking for in an herb – a wonderful taste, a good smell, a good flavor, and a good high (not to mention the price)… you can’t go wrong!

Thank you again for joining us. If you enjoyed this review.. if it’s been helpful to you, please like, subscribe, do all that business that we ask you to do 🙂 and visit our website at redbenchreviews.com to check out the complete rundown on this strain, and until next time, best of health.


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The Low Down


StrainChem 91
BrandTru Cali
Location PurchasedDesert Organic Solutions – Palm Springs, CA
THC Level24.53
Cost$35 + tax
Purchase Weight3.5 grams – 1/8 oz
Actual Weight3.41
Look & Feel
PackagingGlass Jar
ColorDark Green
FreshnessWell Cured
TouchNot Sticky
StructureLeafy, Solid
Look & Feel Rating3.5
Look & Feel ImpressionsFine presentation in glass. Well trimmed buds.
Base SmellSour
Secondary SmellsDiesel, Lemon, Chemical, Citrus
Strength – SmellPronounced
Smell Rating3.5
Flavor – OtherPine, Gassy (Diesel), Earthy
Smoke TextureSmooth
Strength – TasteMellow
Taste Rating3.75
Taste ImpressionsVery enjoyable flavors.
How Much Injested?4 hits
Speed of OnsetImmediate, but grew for 15-20 minutes.
Where Do You Feel It?Head
Main EffectsCerebral, Relaxing, Motivating, Creative
Strength – EffectsPronounced
DurationOver an Hour
Effects Rating4.25
Effects ImpressionsThe effects started in the head and moved slowly down the body until the whole body felt relaxed. Mostly a head high. Very social.
Pros1. Only $35!
Cons1. A bit underweight
Total Rating3.75
Total Rating – Why?Definitely above average. Totally pleasant, easygoing high. I could smoke this all day.
Would I buy this again?Yes
Rating Scale1 (Poor) 2 (Average) 3 (Very Good) 4 (Exceptional) 5 (Holy Grail)
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