Gummies are everywhere these days. They have become a standard way to deliver cannabinoids to the system with minimal effort. You can get THC gummies, CBD gummies, HHC, THC-O… oh my, the list just keeps growing. In this review we’re going the look at some Delta-8 gummies I got in the mail last week from Soulflower Hemp called Uplifting Edibles.

[Disclaimer: This product was provided by Soulflower Hemp in exchange for an honest review]

These gummies come packaged in a glass jar that contains fifteen peach ring gummies.

Each gummie contains 20mg of Delta-8. The peach rings were delicious (!) with a slightly noticeable aftertaste that left a flat taste in my mouth.

Because I regularly take high-dose Delta-9 THC edibles, I figured that I could start with three or four gummies but the advice I always give is the “start slow, dose low”. So I sort-of took my own advice and started with two gummies. The suggested dose is one gummie and I would suggest that inexperienced users start with less than that, like a half gummie.

The edibles took about two hours for the dose to kick in. Several days later I took a dose of two gummies and they kicked in after forty-five minutes. Edibles are tricky that way and many factors are involved in determining how fast an edible will take to kick in.

The effects of these gummies was straight up positive, uplifting, energy-giving – and abundantly euphoric. I had a stuffed up nose before taking a dose today and right now my breathing is clear and free. I was dealing with extreme body discomfort from depression and now my body is relaxed, free from aches and a bit energetic. Dealing with persistent body aches from depression really affects ones thinking, and it cannot be underestimated how relieving something like these gummies are. I was sold from the first dose.

The effects of the gummies wore off after about four and a half hours. I re-upped and the second dose had less euphoria but the same body comfort. After the third or fourth dose in one day I could tell my receptors were getting used to the Delta-8 – still effective but not as powerful as that first doses.

Today my gummie jar was getting empty and after a euphoric first dose I had one gummie left, so I took that when the first dose wore off. Surprisingly, the single gummie brought on a lot of body comfort with very little euphoric lift. In the future I will try starting with a single gummie dose.

A note to those who look to use these regularly (like me): as you can see, tolerance builds quickly with these gummies, so space them out and use only when needed. I skipped a day and the dose felt just like the first time.

Of course, taking gummies isn’t just for medical reasons, we love to get high for fun, so again, I suggest getting these out occasionally to really feel the full effects of the Delta-8. I found them great for conversations, creative projects, and writing. Uplifting Edibles, they are for sure!

Now, would I order these again? Yes! I just placed an order for three jars!

Until later, best of health.


Find this product: Uplifting Edibles | Soulflower Hemp

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