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New Review Wednesday – 2022 | Episode #2 | Waxmaid | The Gentleman

Well – I think I found my new go-to pipe!

It’s big and airy, made of silicon and glass and was sent to me by Waxmaid, the producer of a number of silicon and glass smoking implements. Let me introduce you to The Gentleman, a combination hand pipe and nectar collector.

[Disclaimer: This product was provided by Waxmaid in exchange for an honest review]

I’ve been using pipes for nearly forty years and I’ve tried everything from small stone numbers to wood pipes to metal pipes to glass pipes… I’ve smoked from every shape and size you can imagine, but I always look for one thing in my pipes – proper air flow. I want a good mixture of air and smoke in my hit. Of course, I want a carburetor on my pipe to control the air flow.

I would also like my pipe to be easy to clean. I have cleaned more pipes than I care to remember, and that is why I’ve gravitated to all-glass pipes over the few years. They clean up very easily with some rubbing alcohol and salt.

The Gentleman Hand Pipe

Waxmaid sent us The Gentleman kit which includes the hand pipe/nectar collector, a 22ml silicon jar for herb or concentrates,

and an octopus-shaped silicon and glass jar for concentrates.

The one they sent us was red/black silicon but they come in green/white, pink/white, Rasta and all bright green. The whole kit retails for just under $30.

First thing I tried out was the pipe for smoking herb. As I mentioned, I’ve been doing this for so many years that I’ll know right away if this pipe works for me or not. The pipe has a glass bowl to hold the herb and it is very generous size, and I could easily pack 0.25 to 0.5 grams into it without packing it too tight. I like to pack my pipe and then settle back for a nice long smoke without repacking constantly. This generous bowl fits my style. I also like smoking outside, so this virtually unbreakable pipe should last a good long time.

The first hit off a pipe can be hit or miss. In my glass pipes I use metal screen to keep the ash from getting through to my mouth. A clean pipe doesn’t hold the screen well, so it takes a couple bowls to “season” the pipe and then it hits really well. This pipe was a clean hitter right from the start. The glass bowl is honeycombed and doesn’t need a screen. I just packed the pipe, lit my hemp wick and cornered the bowl – what a great first hit! I was immediately impressed – the taste of the herb was very apparent with no plastic taste from the silicon pipe. The mouthpiece fit my lips just perfectly and the body of the pipe had lots of volume to mix the air and smoke. Satisfying!

By the time I finished my first bowl – I was convinced that I had found my new go-to pipe!

The Gentleman Nectar Collector

I will start this part of the review out with a disclaimer: I do not dab or use a nectar collector on a regular basis – but let me tell you how easy this was for a “relative” newbie to use…

The bowl of The Gentleman detaches from the stem and the stem becomes a nectar collector when you insert the titanium nail into the end. I used my dab tool to select a small amount of the gram of Alien OG Sugar I was going to smoke and I put it in the octopus container, ready to go. I heated up the titanium nail with my dab torch until it was red hot, waited a moment and then took a hit.

Bam! The THC rocketed through my system, and I felt a powerful rush that caused me to vibrate inside. Whereas a hit of herb can be powerful, this was on a whole different level. Like taking a handful of hits concentrated into a single hit. Of course, I immediately took a second, and then a third hit. Wow – stoned like I haven’t been in awhile… powerful stuff!

Cleaning The Gentleman

Silicon and glass clean up very easily. Pop the glass bowl out of the pipe after it’s dirty and give it a bath of rubbing alcohol and table salt in a baggie. Shake it vigorously for a few minutes and you have a fresh and clean bowl. If it’s really dirty, soak it overnight and the bowl will be ready for a wake and bake in the morning.

The silicon body washes clean using hot water. If you clean your pipe on a regular basis it should be very easy to keep fresh. I must point out – never use rubbing alcohol on the silicon part of the pipe. That is very bad mojo, and could lead to a premature death to your pipe.

Last Thought

Thank you Waxmaid for sending me this new pipe! I imagine I’ll be using the hand pipe more than the nectar collector, but that’s just me. Versatile, portable, nearly unbreakable… and best of all – great airflow. What more do you need in a pipe?

Until later, best of health.

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