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The Review

CBD Sunday- 2021 | Episode #18 | WNC CBD | Pink Panther

Pink Panther is a hemp strain that caught my eye with a photo of an amazing looking bud when I visited WNC CBD’s website to check out their menu. One of our viewers recommended this company and the photos of the herb were very impressive looking. But I’m used to online photos looking great and having the product look nothing like the photos when it shows up, so I had a healthy skepticism. But the Pink Panther sure looked and sounded tasty so I placed my order, hoping for the best.

WNC CBD (WNC stands for Western North Carolina) shipped out my order right away… and with Priority Mail I had my herb in just a few days. The herb arrived in a rather smallish Mylar bag.

There’s an eight in there? was my first thought… the Mylar bag had no window to view the herb so I had to wait, somewhat impatiently, for the time to review the herb so I could get into the bag.

Pink Panther is a cross of Alpen Gleaux (pronounced “glow”) and Cat’s Meow. Alpen Gleaux is one of the purplest strains I’ve ever seen. We’ll have a review of that strain later this year – the Alpen Gleaux that we’re going to try is still growing on a farm down in Louisiana (shout out to Southern Heat Botanicals).

The Look and Smell

As you might guess, I was was dying to get into this bag and see what was inside. Tearing the bag open during the video review I was greeted with a very familiar aroma that reminded me immediately of Jack Herer or Trainwreck. There is a certain astringent smell that those strains have that instantly make me think I’m dealing with a Sativa. This one was listed at 85% Sativa to 15% Indica, so that wasn’t too big a surprise.

I poured the nugs out on the tray and a smile came to my face.

There was one big nug that weighed in at 2.89 grams and a couple smalls to brought the weight of the eighth to 3.58 grams. The big nug looked nearly identical to the photos I had seen online!

Purples, pinks, shades of green and an abundance of orange hairs made the nug a photogenic beauty. As I was taking the photo of the big nug the light box was filled with a sweet, almost candy-like aroma. I was anticipating a very sweet tasting herb…

I cut into the big nug and the cure was near perfect. The nug was thick and chunky, very dense and packed with frosty trichomes that released a cloud of sweet, earthy and astringent aromas. As I packed the bowl with the sticky and sweet herb I couldn’t wait to light it up, it was so inviting.

The Taste and Effects

Well, I thought after the first taste, that wasn’t what I was expecting… the taste was only subtly sweet and had a chalky texture. It reminded me right off the bat of eating Bottle Caps candies, but with a very subdued sweetness. The chalky texture of the smoke surprised me, I mean… when does smoke feel chalky? I jumped in a second hit to see if the experience repeated itself.

Yeah, slightly sweet, chalky and then on the exhale the herb had a savory/sweet flavor that reminded me of roasted red peppers. I took several more hits to make sure I was getting this right. Sometimes a strain won’t have a strongly definable taste, and it leaves me searching my mind for a way to describe it on the spot. This was one of those strains. Part of me was expecting a purple flavor because of the beautiful coloring, part of me was expecting a spicier flavor because of my experiences with Trainwreck and Jack Herer strains. All of me was surprised by the Pink Panther flavor.

As a note – I smoked Pink Panther again, to get started the next morning, and was greeted by that same hard to define flavor… sweet and savory, chalky and smooth, faintly earthy – unique, and delicious in a subtle way. The smoke quality was smooth, thick and satisfying. And the high – Sativa-dominant…

The first couple hits gave me a clear-eyed feeling, like I could see better. Along with that feeling came a focusing of the mind and an energetic boost. Though I wasn’t getting technically “high” I was feeling a solid lift to my whole being. I’ve smoked pounds of Sativas over the years and my only problem with a strong Sativa is the level of anxiety they can cause. I tent to expect that with a high THC Sativa, but this one went the opposite direction. (This strain had 0% THC and 13.798% CBD)

My anxieties melted away nearly immediately after the first few hits. There came a smoothing-out to my thinking, like all the rough burrs and edges were smoothed out, worries and anxieties lost their hold, and I was feeling elevated. Along with the smoothing of the mind came a soothing of the body. Nearly all CBD flowers provide some body comfort, but this one had a very high level of comfort. After about six hits the Indica-like effects started in and the body comfort thoroughly saturated my being. My mind was just humming along pleasantly and my body was feeling very good!

The Wrap Up

Simply put – clear-eyed, focused, energetic with anti-anxiety effects and high body comfort – and beautiful nugs that are a delight to behold. Sure, I wish the flavor had been a little sweeter and had a “purple” taste, but the smoke quality was amazing – very smooth and satisfying. There’s a lot to love about this Pink Panther… a strain I’d be happy to smoke just about anytime, anywhere. And I will definitely be ordering from WNC CBD again, and I’ll trust that their menu photos are accurate.

Until later, best of health.

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